My Kpop Fits: Designer PearlAlice on Sewing ATEEZ Inspired Clothing

Hi KpopWise owls, today we introduce a new series to you called "My Kpop Fits." Fashion is a huge part of K-pop culture. We will talk to K-pop fans who have some serious style when it comes to their K-pop-inspired clothing! 

This week we have a conversation with PearlAlice, the owner of Château du Pearl, who is an incredibly talented budding designer who sews many of her own outfits, including those inspired by Kpop artists. 

Hi, can you introduce yourself to KpopWise readers?

Hi, My name is PearlAlice I got into Kpop in 2008, SHINee was the first group I had ever seen debut, I’m a Shawol for life, and I make my own kpop themed outfits for concerts! I didn’t really attempt to create my first kpop inspired outfit until about 2017, it was RM’s jacket from Dope, and I have been making kpop concert outfits since then.

Who is your Kpop artist/group? What is your favorite era?

-SHINee is my ult group but I am a multi, there are so many amazing groups out there with fantastic music. My favorite era for SHINee had to be the Everybody era because those suits were tailored so perfectly and the cuts and fabric combinations were interesting. I also like a lot of accessories and pockets so I couldn’t help but love it.

Which Kpop artists inspire your fashion the most?

-I would say that Ateez and Seventeen are inspiring me the most right now. I don’t have a specific artist in mind when I decide to create a piece, because fashion and styles are always changing, I more so gravitate towards certain concepts and eras more than others. Sometimes I want to make every outfit from a group and sometimes I make outfits that just take ideas and are more abstract. Right now SVT and Ateez are playing with different silhouettes, layering, accessories and cuts that speak to me and my personal style so I find myself wanting to make more from them. But who knows which group it could be later.

What is your favorite piece you have designed?

-My favorite piece that I have designed would be my Ateez suit! It was a true test of my skills because I had never made a long jacket, hat or worked with leather before, so it challenged me every step of the way. I also made a half blazer that was inspired by The8 and YangYang. It's one of my most interesting designs for sure.

What are your fashion creation tools?

-My creation tools are my sewing machines, Serger and I now have an embroidery machine! I’m learning to digitize my own patterns and make kpop themed sweaters. My biggest tool is Youtube University, as I am a self taught artist.

How long did it take you to learn the equipment?

-Um…I would say about maybe a year or two out of the total time I’ve been sewing, the embroidery machine is new so I’m learning things every day.

What are some challenges you faced while creating the pieces?

-It might not seem like a challenge, especially because I get the opportunity to rewatch music videos over and over, lol but it’s really hard to see the full garment I want to make a lot of the time. Sometimes artists only have the pieces I want to make in their music videos and because they are dancing and moving I can’t really get a clear picture of it. I spend a lot of time slowing the mv down, pausing it, and squinting so I can get an idea of how it’s been constructed lol. The true challenge comes when I have to figure out how to make a pattern for it and turn it into a wearable garment.

What is your proudest moment in fashion creation?

-My proudest fashion moment was when I went to the Ateez concert in the outfit that I made and there were people who recognized me. Not only did they recognize me but they could see which music video I had referenced and who my bias was. It was a really cool feeling to know that my vision was executed clearly and that I did my bias proud.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start designing their own outfits?

-My advice would be to make terrible outfits and “waste,” a lot of fabric lol It sounds crazy but in the beginning, I would be so discouraged, and I have a ton of outfits that I’ve created that are terrible, but with each terrible outfit, I learned something new. I have some garments that I have created that will never see the light of day, but these were lessons I needed to learn so I could do better on the next one, so it was valuable information. And the same thing goes for fabric, I was so scared to cut into my fabric because I didn’t want to “waste it," that I had analysis paralysis for weeks and I wouldn’t make anything. Don’t be like me! Cut into the fabric and try new things. Mistakes are still learning opportunities, so try things out! Also, just start with what you have and where you are. Starting something new can be the hardest part.

What can we expect from you next?

-So, I’m actually planning to see Ateez again in November, if things go according to plan, and I’m working on a new piece inspired by their Guerrilla music video. If you haven’t seen it I suggest you go check it out; this is my shameless plug for the day lol. And even though NCT hasn’t released any concert dates yet I’m already planning to create a Favorite (Vampire) themed outfit, so that’s in the works and CIX is having a comeback so I’m waiting to see if I’ll find any inspiration there. My Dms are always open as well, I can talk about kpop and fashion all day.

A very special thank you to PearlAlice for interviewing with us and we look forward to the next amazing pieces. Be on the lookout for Château du Pearl designs dropping under Shein X in the future! In the meantime follow her on her fashion socials to keep up with her sewing endeavors. 

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