[EXCLUSIVE] OTAKON 2022: Rolling Quartz Interview and Performances

South Korean rock girl group Rolling Quartz recently appeared at the 2022 Otakon convention in Washington D.C. KpopWise had the pleasure to sit down with members Jayoung, Yeongeun, Iree, Hyunjung, and Arem to discuss all things music, anime, and Diadems (fan name).

First of all, congratulations on all the love, support, and success that your latest mini-album "Fighting" is getting from fans all over the world! How does it feel to experience this level of success?

Jayoung: It doesn't really feel real yet. Whenever we are backstage, after our performances, I ask the members is this actually happening? Or is it a dream?


Iree: It doesn't feel real.

Out of all the six tracks on your album, do you have a favorite song or lyric and why?

Iree: "Delight"! In the song, there's a line that says "one and only" I really like that part because it describes the feelings I have toward my band and our team. 


Hyunjung: "Delight"! It is a song that is special to me because our group wrote it together. The lyrics are really beautiful.

Arem: There is a line that means becoming a better version of yourself that I really like. 

Yeongeun: Near the end of "Delight" there is a line about how our moments are a delight and that means a lot to me. When we perform this song it really resonates with our audience.

Jayoung: "Holler!" (Jayoung sings a few lines from "Holler") In that song, the chorus line "To win, you have to be all mine" is a line that relates to "Demon Slayer". I really like anime. I get a lot of inspiration when I watch them. So, when I was writing "Holler" I focused on recreating the kind of anime style music that I love.

Speaking of anime's: are there any you would want to sing the OST for? And what are your current favorite anime's?

Jayoung: I have a lot: "Demon Slayer", "Attack on Titan", "Hiyokoi", "Hikari no Densetsu"...

Arem: Anything Jayoung recommends I agree with!


Hyunjung: "Pokemon", "Crayon Shin Chan" and "Detective Conan".

Can you tell us what it was like to perform your cover song “Azaela” at the royal palace of Baekje (AKA Sabiseong Palace)?

Yeongeun: Even though we are Korean, it was the first time we had been to a Korean palace. It was really fun and interesting.

Hyunjung: The weather was really nice. The landscape was really, really beautiful. So it was a nice atmosphere. It was enjoyable.

Iree: We had the whole palace to ourselves. It was just us. It was great!

How has it been interacting with your American fans? 

Jayoung: Not much difference with Korean fans, but we try our best to properly convey what we mean through our language. And we have been very touched and moved by how nice the fans have been here!


Yeongeun: There are lots of different languages that our fans speak around the world but when we perform on stage we become one with them through our music. So even though we are all different you get the sense we can connect on another level.

Arem: Many people have been speaking Korean to us. It was amazing to me that many Americans can understand our language. 


Final message? 


Everyone: Thank you for coming! Fighting!

Towards the end of the interview, Rolling Quartz said that fans should look forward to new music in the near future. They also were kind enough to pose for press pictures.

Photography by Karly B

 Photography by Karly B

Photography by Karly B

 Photography by Karly B

In an additional statement to KpopWise, a representative from Rolling Quartz added that the group was grateful for the experience and were amazed about how polite the staff, press and attendants were at Otakon!


We'd also like to comment on how gracious and kind Rolling Quartz was. We thank them and the staff for making this wonderful interview possible.

You can watch a few of Rolling Quartz performances at Otakon below.


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