Concert Review: Seventeen's Be The Sun in Toronto

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Seventeen just wrapped up the North American half of their tour Be The Sun, with their last date being in Newark last week.  

I will be giving all the details of my time at the Toronto show and reviewing my experience.

Entering the arena

The arena was absolutely packed when we arrived, we couldn't tell who was in line for merch or the gates. At the venue we were at in Toronto, they allowed us to enter from any gate. 

There was a huge line and we had arrived an hour early so I always would recommend showing up early to an event like this! It was super crowded, but after getting our bags checked, we had help from the arena staff to figure out where to go. 

In future concerts, I would also recommend having a copy of your ticket on your phone to scan. I had mine through the TicketMaster app and found it more convenient.


They had a merch stand inside and outside and had a wide variety of shirts, sweatshirts, and of course lightsticks. Lightsticks were the fastest to sell out. I was lucky because my parents offered to wait in the merch line for me during the concert. 

If you're planning on buying merch I would definitely recommend showing up early or having someone wait in line for you, it was hectic.

Photo Cr. @pledis_17

Before the Concert

They played music videos on the screens and it was so fun to hear all the Carat's reactions, everyone was screaming the words to all of Seventeen's best songs. 

We were so loud that the boys even mentioned it later during the concert! The music videos were played in order up until 'Cheers', and then the lights went out and it was time to begin.

The Performances

The energy in the arena was unmatched, everyone was hysterical the moment the boys were on the stage. 

They opened with 'HOT' and it was explosive. They are so in sync and incredible even in real life. You could tell they were practicing hard for this. They did a few songs before breaking to talk to us and each one raised the energy even more.

Seventeen are incredible performers in real life. Two songs in I already felt like we got our money's worth.

When they broke to talk with us they introduced themselves and said how excited they were to be here. Hoshi kept trying to raise the energy by yelling he couldn't hear our cheers. They were all so sweet and happy to be there, it was so nice to see them.

The rest of the concert was explosive. They gave their absolute best performance and only took one or two more breaks. All in all, I was constantly entertained, it was exhilarating seeing them like this.

For the encore, they played games with the fans. Seung Kwan and Hoshi were raising the energy a lot. One of the members would pick a fan from the audience and get them to sing or dance to 'Very Nice'. We went on like that for a while, them interacting with the crowd and us screaming our heads off.

They were genuinely so sweet and tried to interact with every area of the arena it seemed. They got us to do a wave across the arena and classic stuff like that.

When they went to say their final goodbyes, I was so sad. It was the time of my life, I was so sad it was over.

Photo Cr. @pledis_17

Final Reflections

Overall, this was such a worthwhile concert. Even though I was pretty high up and far away, we still had a great time watching from where we were. They interacted with the fans so much and even members who weren't fluent in English spoke to the crowd!

It was so much fun seeing them perform in real life, they are truly some of K-pop's best performers in my opinion. 

I would recommend seeing Seventeen to any K-pop fan, if you can go, please do! they did so wonderfully and it was really heartwarming to see them with their Canadian fans once again.

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