[Concert Review] WEi Show Their Great Charm and Talent in Atlanta During Their First Love Tour

WEi graced RUiWEi's fans, with their powerful presence on September 23 at The Loft in Atlanta, Georgia, and it is safe to say that WEi gave everything they had for this show! WEi members are very talented performers, and their vocal abilities are out of this world. Not to mention that their charisma exudes when they perform, and you can't help but be mesmerized when they dance.

Check out WEi's set list from the show:  

WEi consistently kept fans guessing which song they would perform next as they had several unexpected cover performances of popular songs such as "Love Killa" by Monsta X and "abcdefu" by GAYLE.

A highlight of the night was the celebration of Yohan's birthday. RUi planned a surprise fan project for Yohan in which they made cute signs that said "Happy Birthday" with bunny ears and photos. Yohan was very moved by this fan project, and the members received some fan-made posters to hold on stage. RUi also had the opportunity to sing happy birthday to Yohan with the members. Truly a wholesome moment!

Additionally, WEi offered several ticket options, the best being VVIP tickets. VVIP/VIP tickets for their shows include a fan engagement portion of the show. During the fan engagement session, RUi with VVIP/VIP tickets did a hi-touch with the members, and then RUi with VVIP tickets took a group photo with the members.

These kinds of fan engagement sessions allow fans to have a more intimate and personal interaction with the members, which generally makes for a more fun concert experience. WEi concerts are a great time, and the post-concert depression will definitely hit you within hours after the show. Overall, it's undoubtedly an experience worth your hard-earned money!

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Photos and videos by Asia Moore

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