[Review] Mirae is Welcoming the Future with New Album 'Ourturn'


Now's gather and get ready to ‘Drip N drop, the future boys Mirae are back with their new album‘ ‘Ourturn’ and music video for the new lead track ‘Drip N Drop’. Released 28th September 6pm KST, the band have returned with their fourth mini album.

The accompanying video for 'Drip N Drop' sees the boys in a new direction, with the outfits and aesthetics matching that of their recent concept photos. As usual, the boys provide flawless high-energy perfectly in-sync choreographed dance numbers. Leader Lee Jun Hyuk dominates with his rap verses and leads the way into a catchy earworm of a chorus. Summer may be closing but this track allows you to dip your toes back into the sunshine. 

Following Drip N Drop we’re taking a step forward with ‘Welcome to the Future’ an uptempo number reminding fans just what they're about. Of course, the message of the boys and album is aiming to represent the future of K-pop through its songs and performances.

‘Falling Stars’ takes the tone down with their beautiful melodies allowing the boys to showcase their talent and duality in mixing up their vocals. The album itself consists of earworm bops, the musicality allows you to hear a crisp and fresh sound from the boys. 

Mirae is made up of seven talented members: Lien, Yoo Dohyun, Khael, Park Siyoung, Jany Yubin, Son Dongpyo, and leader Lee Jun Hyuk. The band who debuted over a year ago has gone on to release three mini albums prior to 'Ourturn' and their debut video hitting over 10 million views in their first week. Alongside winning rookie of the year, it's their turn for much-deserved success showcased throughout this album

'Ourturn' tracklist:

"Drip N' Drop", 

"Welcome to the Future"


"What Are You Doing?"

 "Falling Stars".

The mini album is comes in two versions 'Drip' or 'Drop' available on Daebak., Follow Mirae on Insta here Be sure to stick around @Kpopwise for more updates on all your favorite Kpop artists and idols!

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