[Guest Post] 6 Moments I Experienced DAILY as an Arab ARMY

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BTS Lifestyle: 6 Moments I Experienced DAILY as an Arab ARMY (Not Always Easy)

There are many K-pop fandom bases around the world, but the ARMY base remains my ultimate favorite!

Over time, I discovered that we, ARMYS, share many qualities and habits we carry with us every day. But at the same time, we carry many concerns about being a BTS fan in the Arab World.

Therefore, today I’ll let you live my life as an Arab Army, all summarized in 6 moments.

Criticism never ends 

Since I declared my love for BTS in front of my friends and family, I’ve been getting a lot of comments, mostly being surprised about me being interested in Korean music and culture.

After connecting with some other ARMYs, I found out I was not the only one going through this. All K-pop fans, especially ARMYs, have been receiving.

It is probably that the Arab culture is vastly different from the Korean, but I often try to explain different aspects Korea-related aspects to those who ask.

While some of them still do not accept the idea, some others become even interested in knowing more!

Staying up VERY late to follow up with BTS

Due to time difference between my country and Korea, I often, as an Arab ARMY, stay up late until the morning to watch a concert or a V-Live.

What’s actually funny is that while staying up, I usually text my friend, only to find her struggling to stay awake in front of a screen, just like me!

The Dream of Meeting BTS

Every time I know about a K-pop group organizing a world tour, I genuinely hope that BTS go on a tour where Lebanon is included. But being a small country, K-pop groups have never visited us before.

Meeting BTS or even attending their concerts is a dream for every Arab ARMY, and I can’t expect what my reaction will be when it happens.

For now, all I do is check ticket prices in other countries, so that I be fully prepared when they hopefully visit my country one day.

Learning the Korean Language 

Yes, as you have heard (or read, obviously). I have initially started learning the Korean Language because of my love for Korean culture. However, I became more determined to learn it after falling in love with K-dramas and K-pop groups.

I always think: “What if I met them one day? I have to speak and communicate very fluently!”

Buying all BTS products

Had I had the money to buy all BTS products, I would have done it since forever.

As K-pop stores are increasing in number nowadays in the Arab World, BTS products are still not as available in my own country, and most importantly, they can be a bit expensive.

I just pray that I won’t be crazy enough to sell my house and buy all these beautiful products at once!

Ontacting BTS

Since BTS rarely visits our region even for work and concerts, that means there are no meet and greets, album signings, and so on. Contacting BTS in person is nearly impossible.

That is why I always resort to e-connections, and I usually send endless questions to Jungkook’s Ask-Me on Instagram, hoping he’ll read and reply to any of them, something that hasn’t happened till now.

My life as an Arab ARMY is an everyday adventure, it is not always messed-up, but it can be. What means the most to me in this journey is that it brings us, the ARMYs, all together under the same roof, so that we can share our concerns, dreams, and passion with no boundaries.

I have met many of them through my journey in writing at 7azarfazar.com, and I would not trade our connection for the world!

Written by: Dina Ayyad

Dina Ayyad is a Lebanese Writer, Blogger, and Translator. She is passionate about K-drama, K-pop, and Korean culture in general. Dina has been writing in 7azarfazar.com, an Arabic Lifestyle and Music Website, for around 2 years, delivering content in form of news, articles, and fun quizzes. 


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