SM Apologizes for Missing Image of NCT 127’s DOYOUNG in Digipack of the New Album “2 Baddies”


On September 16, NCT 127 the 4th album “2 Baddies” comes out with some problems. 

In a recent SM Entertainment statement on the Twitter official group account, the DOYOUNG’s image in the Digipack version is missing. It continues, making an apology from the group, the entertainment company, and to the artist for not meticulous checking for any missing contents inside the albums before distribution. 

SM Entertainment is currently working to replace the missing images, but the albums already sent are difficult to replace, so they are re-sending the Digipack version to those who purchased it. More details will be available soon. 

This is the full statement. 

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Silvia Luoni

Silvia has been a fan of Korean pop since 2016. Her bias group is NCT. She likes writing, reading, photography and Korean Culture.

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