[Review] Crush 'Rush Hour' (Feat. J-Hope of BTS)

The new music keeps coming for BTS fans, with another collab announcement from BTS's rap line. This time we get J- Hope sitting center stage featuring on Crush’s track ‘Rush Hour’ released 22nd September at 6 pm KST.

Teasers throughout the week led to excitement building to what Hope will be showcasing in his never-ending list of talents, particularly his dancing. Teased With catchy melodies and endearing vocals the wait was finally over. From the get-go, the encapsulating tones of ‘La, La, La’ has you drawn in by Crush’s crisp RNB voice declaring its crush hour. The lyrics ring loud in the chorus to reflect the fun funky vibe ‘We gotta celebrate, just leave it up to fate, no matter what they say or do.’

J-Hope makes his entrance gliding right in, transitioning into a smoothly cool dance routine whilst laying down his raspy two-toned voice declaring ‘Crush hour imma just follow his lead.’ His partnership matches the high-paced energy of Crush they both compliment each other's jazz tones perfectly. The video is full of serotonin, with a punchy well-choreographed dance routine choreographed by P-nations BB Trippin creator of the iconic “That That” by Psy (Feat Suga BTS.) Fans will notice the dance breaks take subtle nods to Chicken Noodle soup and Mic drop, blending with the incredibly catchy chorus. 

‘Rush Hour’ is everything we need in the music world, and even in life, it’s the perfect blend of sexy, smooth, and fun uplifting number that makes you want to join in the fun. Crush and Hopes energy harmonize together and encourage you to ‘Again clap, clap, and then hit that gather one and all like traffic jam get up get up.’

For those who lack dance skills, even this will get you up to clap along. With Crush back after his two-year military service, he’s here to remind people what he's still capable of.

Pair this with the unstoppable machine that is J-Hope and what we have is a slice of sunshine, a rap-fueled concoction, and an accompanying iconic dance routine from P-Nation, rounding a 3-minute number for fans to enjoy and brighten their day. 

This video alone is something I’m sure will become a Tik Tok dance challenge, it's Crush hour and a sure-fire hit. ‘Rush Hour’ is out on all platforms to stream and buy.

So what do you think of ‘Rush Hour? Be sure to stick around @Kpopwise for more updates on all your favorite Kpop artists and idols!

Kirsty Bright

A UK freelance writer, who stumbled into the land of Kpop while studying Korean. Her bias groups are BTS and Seventeen, but she loves a range of groups and finding new artists to listen to! Contact on Insta: @kirstybright_ Portfolio: kirstybright.journoportfolio.com

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