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It’s that time of the week again when I take deep dive into some of the beautifully curated shelves of Kpop Collectors. This week I talk to Alex, who has a wide range of bands collected, from TXT to Enyphen alongside a collection of sought-after lightsticks. Their collection is colorful which is reflected in their Instagram feed. So let’s get talking and met Alex

What was the first band that got you into K-pop?

Alex: Bts


What was your first Kpop album purchase, and what's your favorite one to date?

Alex: My first K-pop album was a gift from my parents, it was ‘You never walk alone’ by BTS, definitely one of my all-time favorites to date. Another one would be Ateez's ‘Say my name’ as this was the era I attended my first and only in-person Fansign. It just holds a special place in my heart.


How many albums do you think you own? Do you have a checklist of the remaining ones to collect?


Alex: I don't count anymore, but if I had to guess probably about 160+, and I don't have a checklist of albums. I have my groups I'm collecting and slowly adding to the collection there’s no rush.


Out of all the albums you have, which would you say has the most aesthetically pleasing packaging?


Alex: I love the consistency of the P1harmony albums, that's pretty pleasing for me. But aesthetically speaking, that would have to be Whisper ‘Tbz, WayV - Take over the moon, or any Dreamcatcher album.


Your collection varies from Enyhphen to TXT is there a piece of merch or a particular album that you’re still hoping to purchase?


Alex: I would love to own the TXT canvas bag one day, unfortunately, it is sold out.


How do you like to display all your shelves/albums? What's your favorite part of the process

Alex:  That varies up to my mood (laughs) I usually prefer to display by group, and when possible also by color. But I just generally love to get creative and move my merch around until I like how it looks.

 Your Lightstick collection is very aesthetically pleasing not to mention huge. How long have you been collecting, and any tips on how to start building a compilation?


Alex:  I started collecting in 2017, so it's been 5 years now. The biggest tip is probably to not stress about getting every merch just because others buy it. Make sure to know your priorities (that's different for everyone) and take all the time you need to collect. That makes the growing process even more fun!


You’ve been to many concerts even a fan meeting with Stray Kids what's been the most memorable moments for you?


Alex:  Any K-pop concert I've been to counts as my favorite memory as they're all so different and special in their own way. But when it comes down to it, it’s two moments: BTS in Wembley (I went to both days and got to witness the young forever surprise live, it was very emotional) and Ateez's first global fan sign in Berlin that I was lucky enough to attend.


For those who want to get creative with displaying their albums, what are the best things to have to start the process?


Alex:  First I would determine whether to display by group/color/type of merch, what special item you would want to display and then the ideas will come.


Who inspires your decor, and do you have any good tips for keeping shelves organized and aesthetically pretty?


Alex:  I love to get creative by myself and mess around with the different merch but whenever I'm out of ideas I love to scroll through instagram and get inspired by all the amazing creative collectors. Most of the time I get ideas on how to display my albums (Pinterest is also great for that).


Finally, is there anything else you’d like to mention?

Alex: Fun should be the first priority in collecting. Don't rush, don't pressure yourself, we all started somewhere. It also doesn't make you less of a fan if you don't have albums/merch, are less than other collectors, or have never been to a concert, take your time and enjoy it.



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