Top 5 Kdramas that will Open Your Mind to a New Education Field

As a kdrama fan, watching tons of kdramas in regular daily life while keeping up with school, college, or work life, is normal but sometimes difficult to maintain a balance. Korean dramas have the ability to uplift your mood and can make you addicted to continuously watching kdramas one on one in your mobile or T.V.

On the other hand, kdramas may actually be useful in therapy to help promote personal growth and improve mental health. It doesn't stop only there, kdramas make our minds open to many Action and Thrillers,, new Romantic content, Historical dramas, Medical and legal content, School-based and more. 

By watching all of these, peoples' standards and opinions on different topics of life eventually change, As a result, their thinking becomes more flexible. Students who struggle in their career path and work hard for becoming something they value, and pursue a profession they will be happy and satisfied with. Kdramas apart from the storyline, give you a lot of knowledge on the education field or the profession in which the lead actor and actress is acting.

Here are Top 5 Kdramas presented that will give you knowledge to a particular field. Not only does the Story revolves around Actor and Actress roles, but their character struggles for achieving the professional goal they want in a particular field. These dramas will introduce you to the basics of a working field and give you a glance at how things are operated in those career paths.


An ex-con and his friends fight to make their ambitious dreams for their street bar a reality. The lead character, Sae-royi opens his bar-restaurant 'Dan Bam' in Itaewon, with the aim of expanding it into a franchise and defeating CEO Jang food company 'Jangga Group'. The series shows the struggles of the characters to manage the restaurant and make it successful. This series gives you knowledge of how a restaurant business is operated developed and franchised, It shows the challenges faced by the character to run the business and make it successful.


Ahn Dan Te, is the director of a company that specializes in the restructuring and resurrecting of companies on the brink of failure. Hence, the company is sent to Joy buster, a game company on the brink of bankruptcy. The head of the game development at Joy buster, teams up with Ahn Dan Te in an attempt to save their dying company. This kdrama gives you the to knowledge about the gaming  industry. It shows the struggles of characters carrying out various programming tasks in producing a video game and the challenges faced in running a gaming company.


Start-up tells the story of people in the world of start-up companies. This drama gives you a deep knowledge of the challenges faced by a  A. I ( Artificial Intelligence) tech company, developing and validating a scalable business model. This drama shows the struggles and operations carried out by developers, investors, CEOs of the company. This drama gives you a diverse knowledge of IT and computer science field. It shows the struggles and obstacles faced by the CEO Seo Dal mi to make a start-up company, Samsan tech' a success by providing tech services and developing apps. It also shows the obstacles faced by the developer Nam Do San who lost confidence in himself.


Cha Eun-ho is a successful author and a chief editor at a book publishing company. Kang Dan-i is a mother and former successful advertising copywriter. The drama shows the obstacles and professional challenges faced by the characters in the publishing house. This drama explains the entire process of bringing books to market: author selection and development, manuscript editing, promotion, distribution etc. This drama revolves around the love life and professional work of the lead actor and actress giving you a diverse knowledge of publishing companies.


The kdrama Suspicious Partner is based on the law field where Son Sang-yeon is the prosecutor of Sunho District ends up switching profession to a private attorney by losing his job as a prosecutor defender, Eun Bong Hee, a prosecutor trainee at Sang-yeon's office, who becomes a murder suspect for as her ex-boyfriend's dead body found in her house. After some time, when the case was closed, the series shows the challenges and obstacles faced by the attorney and prosecutor individually. It is a 40-episode Kdrama hence showing the several types of crimes and cases they handled in the law field.

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Marwah Shaikh

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