Ailee to Hold Her XR Concert "Colors" in November

Ailee to Hold Her XR Concert "Colors" in November

Singer Ailee will be celebrating her 10-year anniversary of debut with an immersive XR metaverse concert on November 12. 

This online concert is to create a metaverse concert where Aileeans may interact with Ailee simultaneously. With a remarkable metaverse experience that incorporates the XR effect throughout the entire concert, Ailee and the Aileeans will mark the path to the Music Universe. The Aileean Digital ID Card will be awarded to backers of the concert on Kickstarter - the card with 1,024 various representations of Ailee from the Multi Universe. 

The Concept of Colors 

Aileeans are on a quest to assist Ailee in recovering the faded colors of the universe's destroyed land as a result of the environmental disaster. If all missions are successful, 12 different lights and colors would be shown for 12 XR stages. Also, Aileeans who received the Digital ID Card can take part in the pre-production of the concert.

Supported by Aileeans on Kickstarter

A Kickstarter for this project, successfully met its goal and will end on October 20. There is still time to contribute to the project and receive special rewards. 

Everyone who pledges the campaign will receive a free ticket to the concert stream. The XR (eXtended Reality) technology used in this performance produces a lively and diversified visual presentation that will make backers feel like they are physically watching the concert in a front-row seat. Also, there are different types of rewards depending on the amount of pledge. Find out what the special rewards are including a special making film video on Kickstarter now.

The Kickstarter campaign is now closed. Tickets are available through Interpark Global.

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