BTS Jin Launches Schedule with New Single 'The Astronaut' Releasing October 28

Chapter two of BTS's new journey takes its second step, launching with Jin’s first official solo single, “The Astronaut,” which is to be released on October 28, 2022, at 1pm KST.

The cryptic trailer, which dropped at 12pm KST gives us a small mysterious glimpse into what the concept could be. With the solo single 'Moon' released on "Map of the Soul:7" in 2020 written and dedicated to ARMY'S, 'The Astronaut' looks set to be the sequel to that. In a press release by Bighit, they describe the single as:

"Since it’s a song made with so much love toward the fans, we hope “The Astronaut” can be a gift to all of you. We also prepared various promotions for the fans throughout the preparation process of this single. Please show a lot of anticipation and support for this promotion, where you can meet various sides of Jin."

Fans will be eager to hear just what the song will sound like, and is hinted to be a gift from fellow friends and music partners Coldplay. Since the success of  2021's collaboration 'My Universe', the bands have been close friends and work colleagues even describing them as "They're like our little brothers and completely cool" during 2021 promotions on Taratata Officel.

Jin casually announced he was to be the next member to release new music following the success of Jung Hoseok's "Jack In the Box". During the Busan Expo concert on Saturday 15th October, he told armys "I have a new album coming out, it's not that big of a deal it's just a single. I was able to collaborate with someone I really adore. I have a lot of content to share with you, so I hope you enjoy them."

The schedule for the concept, music video teasers, and the official release can be seen below:

Pre-order date: From 11 AM, Wednesday, October 19, 2022 (KST) Release date: From 1 PM, Friday, October 28, 2022 (KST) Be sure to stick around @Kpopwise for more updates on all your favorite Kpop artists and idols!

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