[Exclusive Interview] DIGNITY Are Ready for the Action Like Rambo

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DIGNITY is a five-member boy group from PCS Entertainment. The members include LuoLukeMinseokOn, and Hyeongjin. On September 23, the group released their first single 'Rambo.' KpopWise were able to catch up with the group for an interview and learn more about them.  

Hi there! What does your name DIGNITY mean?

Dignity, which means self-esteem, is composed of five men who sympathize with the public through music and go together in search of true happiness.


Can you tell us about your song 'Rambo'?

The song 'RAMBO,' inspired by Sylvester Stallone's 1980s film, is a powerful, cool 8-bit drum based on hip-hop sound and a hook that turns into string sound.


Speaking of films, what drama would you like to star in?

Luo:  I want to appear in a web drama. 

On: I want to appear on Na Youngseok PD's variety show

Hyeongjin: I want to be in director Bong Joon Ho's drama

Minseok: I want to appear in a web drama

Luke: I want to appear in a musical drama like Glee or a music-related show where you can perform in a cool place. I also want to join competition programs!


Who's the funniest member these days?

This is Luke because his usual way of speaking and acting is pleasant and funny.


 What is something you want to learn?

Luo: I want to learn how to compose music.

Hyeongjin: I want to drive a car so I want to get a driver's license.

On: After watching a dance battle program called On-Smanpa, (Street Man Fighter) I want to learn Krump, because I fell in love with Krump.

Minseok: I want to learn extreme sports such as scuba diving, skydiving, boarding.

Luke: If I have a chance. Oh! And skateboarding, too.


What is the first song when you shuffle your music player?


Hyeongjin: Meeting is Easy, Parting is Hard - Basick

On:  From home - NCT U

Minseok: Coming in Hot - Lecrae, Andy Mineo

Luke:  Salang Salang - Meenoi

If each member does a solo performance, what would they want to show?

Luo: I want to show you an OST or a ballad.

Hyeongjin: I want to show you my choreographed choreography. 

On: I want to show you a performance where you can rap, dance, and sing.

Minseok: I want to show you a kpop dance.

Luke: I want to perform my own song with a choreography in it.

What motivates you to keep working hard and do your best?

Luo: First of all, it's for myself, but I think I do my best by watching my family and fans who support me.

Hyeongjin: I'm motivated to see my family who raised me.

On: My family and fans who only look at me are my motivation and my firm determination to achieve my dream is my motivation.

Minseok: My family and fans are doing their best to repay my trust And since it's the path I chose, I think I'll have to look at the end of the road to get better

Luke: The precious people who are by my side! Period.

What message do you want to send to your fans?

Thanks to the fans who always support us and love us, we are able to prepare and practice happily every day. There are many things that we haven't shown you yet, so we'll work harder to show you as soon as possible. Please wait a little bit!🤍


Instagram: @pcs_ent_official
Twitter: @DGNT_Official / @DIGNITY_members
TikTok: @official_dignity

Check out DIGNITY on KPOP CTzen 

Thank you to DIGNITY, and PCS Entertainment for the interview! We look forward to seeing more from them! 

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