SURL Releases First Full Album Album 'of us'

K-band SURL released their first full-length album of us on October 25. Known as a band with a distinctive voice that sings candidly about the ups and downs of youth, SURL included a total of 10 songs in their album each of which depicts a member's personal story. 

The album was released with two title tracks, "Every Day" and "WHAT TIME IS IT NOW?". The first title song, "Every Day," stands out with SURL's unique lyrical yet powerful performance that couldn't be seen in their previous works. It's a sonic metaphor for stepping forward to something new even though the past is still chasing after you.

'Every Day' Music Video

Another title song, "WHAT TIME IS IT NOW?" has an addictive rhythm and rock'n'roll vibe unlike "Every Day." It resonates with modern people who are living busy lives. 

"WHAT TIME IS IT NOW?" Music Video

Introducing SURL’s new album, Korean music critic Heather wrote, "SURL's music is drawing the scenery in front of my eyes. The lyrics are implicit and don't dive too deep into the story, but the images that come up between the sentences remain in my head, completing one another like a short film." She added, "Each song from SURL's first full-length album 'of us' is also like a fantasy that is unfolding in front of my eyes."

Earlier this year, SURL opened a solo concert that became a preview to their new album. They also raised their profile by performing at SXSW (USA), as well as finishing second on Mnet's band survival program Great Seoul Invasion.

SURL's album of us is now available for streaming on all major platforms.

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Source and Images: MPMG MUSIC 

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