Concert Review: Kim Woojin's Dreamy Vocals Left Atlanta CUBS Speechless on His First US Tour


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On Nov. 8, Kim Woojin made a stop at The Loft in Atlanta on his first U.S. tour. As Woojin’s Atlanta CUBS clutched signs and Woojin banners, excitement and anticipation filled the room as everyone rushed to crowd around the stage to experience his vocals in person. The lights shut off, and fans could hear Woojin’s voice playing on the speakers, which immediately led to screams of excitement. With just instrumentals playing, the stage lights turned the entire stage blue, and Woojin’s backup dancers proceeded to the stage. The crowd grew silent in search of Woojin until he finally walked on stage and began his first performance, which immediately captivated the crowd.

Woojin started with the high-energy performance of “Ready Now” from his first solo album “The moment : a minor.” After the performance, Woojin explained that he wanted to perform his solo album in front of his CUBS for quite some time. The crowd agreed with screams as they had been waiting too.  Calmer and heartfelt vibes soon radiated through the crowd when he performed his song “My Growing Pains.” He explained to his CUBS that this song “talks about the feelings of anxiety and inferiority,” to which fans agreed they could relate. Woojin also sprinkled in covers of popular songs into his set list that highlighted his vocal skills, such as Maroon 5’s “Sugar,” Justin Bieber’s “Ghost,” Shawn Mendes’ “If I Can’t Have You,” and one of his most popular covers on YouTube, Lewis Capaldi’s “Before You Go.”  However, it did not end there. He also included dance covers like crowd favorites, BTS’ “Dynamite,” and SEVENTEEN’s “Hot” that had the audience completely immersed.

While Woojin connected with fans through his music, he also took the time to connect with them in between songs with the assistance of a translator. Fans enjoyed the interaction as he shared how they were officially named CUBS, and asked the audience what restaurants and places he should visit while in the city. Of course, the crowd suggested Atlanta’s well-known landmarks like Waffle House, The Varsity, and Georgia Aquarium. Woojin then revealed his love for milkshakes after CUBS told him that he should try ones at The Varsity.

Woojin knew how to keep fans wanting more as he performed his song “Still a Dream” announcing that it was his final song. Even though Woojin and his dancers walked off stage, fans wanted more and began cheering his name, hoping he would return to the stage. Of course, he returned with two more songs and introduced his background dancers, who the crowd made a special shoutout to when they were off stage. Woojin chose “Purple Sky” off his album as his final song in Atlanta, which brought his performance to a warm and blissful end.

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