[Exclusive Interview] PATTERN Invites You to Malibu


PATTERN is a boy group under S.I.E.T.E Entertainment. The members includes Jinu (Main Vocalist), Koon (Lead Vocalist), JJ (Main Rapper), Kyo (Main Dancer), and Haemin (Lead Vocalist and Maknae). 

The group recently officially debuted with their first single ‘Malibu’ on October 17, 2022. The group has been actively greeting fans by performing Premium Lives in Japan throughout the month of October.

Watch 'Malibu' Music Video here 

While PATTERN was preparing for its debut and overseas promotions, we caught up with the group for an interview. 

Hi PATTERN! What does your name mean?

It has the meaning of completing one pattern with five different charms.

All of the members have been previously active in groups before. They are back to take on the journey as PATTERN. How does it feel to debut?

We, who have pursued our dream of becoming singers, are so happy beyond words that we have been given a great opportunity to unite once again after going through many adversities and hardships.


Can you tell us about your song 'Malibu'?

Our song 'MALIBU' has the concept and atmosphere of not being able to escape from the temptation of the other person and being addicted to it in an instant.



Who is the funniest these days?

Haemin is so witty and funny.

If you chose a member as your stylist for the week, who would it be?

I'm Kyo. I have a talent for dressing well by making good use of my strengths and feelings.



You turn your music player on and shuffle, what is the first song that plays?

It’s NewJeans’ 'Attention.'

If each member had a solo stage, what would you like to show?

Haemin: I want to try modern rock music.

Kyo: I want to show a stage focused on powerful performances.

Jinu: I want to try a rock & ballad song that can show the strengths of color in my voice.

JJ: I want to show a performance with a medley of famous songs from TikTok Challenges.

Koon: I want to try a song that can convey the emotions of the song I sang to people.



What is something you want to learn?

JJ: I want to learn jiu-jitsu.

Jinu: I want to learn drums.

Kyo: I want to learn fitness.

Haemin: I want to learn financial techniques.

Koon: I want to learn how to produce artists.


What is the best advice you have ever received?

Jinu: Let's do our best rather than our best.

Koon: Let's act without feeling sorry.

JJ: I'm always the best.

Haemin: Let's do our best.

Kyo: Let's not dwell on the past.


What is a message you would give to your fans?

As a team that is starting again, we have a lot to show you. Please look forward to it. Thank you for your anticipation and interest.



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Listen to Malibu 


Special thanks to PATTERN for the interview! 

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