Here are Three of Our Favorite Songs by HEESU

Photo Cr: HEESU via Instagram
HEESU is an Alternative R&B, House, and Electropop artist from South Korea but now resides in NYC. She is a hidden gem that definitely deserves more recognition! If her silky smooth vocals and cool vibes don't reel you in, her melodies and lyrics definitely will! We are obsessed with all of HEESU's songs, but you can check out three of our favorites here. 


This track is HEESU's latest release, and we can't stop listening to it! "Cheongsan" is a beautiful song because it includes traditional Korean instruments! Not to mention, HEESU's vocals have a calming effect on this song, which creates a chill vibe altogether 😎

"Honey Eyes"

House music is becoming more popular these days. HEESU's House songs like "Honey Eyes" are so good because the beats are addictive, and the harmonies on the song are fire! After listening, you will catch yourself constantly humming the melody to this song (don't say we didn't warn you 😂).


"Tik Tok"

We love this track's mix of English and Korean, as it keeps you guessing what will come next. In addition, the lyrics in "Tik Tok" are very relatable and quite catchy !

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