Jin Woo Shares Single "Don't Be Late for the End of the World"

Korean DJ and Producer Jin Woo shares his single "Don't Be Late to the End of the World" made in collaboration with Justin Raisen today with us. The single is out now on your favorite streaming platform. 

Listen to "Don't Be Late to the End of the World" Here! 

About Jin Woo

Jin Woo is originally from Seoul, Republic of Korea. As a child he played the piano and violin, following in the footsteps of his mother who was a musician.

In his teenage years, Woo dominated on the soccer and football field. So much so, that Woo was faced with the opportunity to either go pro or Division 1 in both sports. He chose neither. No NFL, no MLS and no University. Instead, Woo packed up his things and moved from California to Las Vegas, Nevada where he built a legitimate bankroll playing high stakes no limit Texas hold ‘em. Overtime, Woo started using his winnings to purchase DJ equipment and rare vinyl. Soon, Woo was spinning private desert parties for some of his richer poker friends.

Linking up with Justin Raison 

One fateful night at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, Woo took a 4 thousand dollar pot off another player without even having a low pair. When the player who lost the hand folded pocket kings, Woo turned over his deuce-ten and watched the hand’s loser rush off angrily. Woo said to the dealer, “Imagine if I tried” and followed the player he had beaten outside. 

After speaking to the player for a bit, Woo figured out it was producer Justin Raisen, who he had been a fan of for quite some time after hearing Sky Ferreira’s “Night Time My Time.” Woo asked Raisen if he’d be into collaborating, and Raisen responded, “give me that 4K for my cowboys and we’ll talk.” The rest is history.

Woo is out to “save the kids” with his first single “Don’t Be Late for The End of the World.” He says, “someone has to do it.”

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