5 Catchy Songs to Start Your 2023 With


There are only a few days before the first day of 2023, you can prepare yourself for the New Year by listening to these catchy songs, which, I think, can be the first source of your strength to fight 2023—hoping for a new, better, year to come. 

1. BAEKHYUN’s ‘Ghost’ 

BAEKHYUN’s solos are always great, but this song catches my interest the most. It’s the sixth track in his second mini-album ‘Delight’ released in 2020. His melody is soft with a strong chorus. His voice skills are fully present in all the songs but this is one of my favorites. Listen to believe me. 

2. KANG DANIEL’s ‘Paranoia’ 

KANG DANIEL makes catchy songs, however, this is HIS song. You know, every musician has that track making them famous to you and this is his case—for me. Title track of the album ‘Yellow’ (2021), it’s a very interesting melody with the bass making the chorus really memorable. The lyrics talk about paranoia— knowing like a mental disease— and I think the instrumental goes along with this feeling of anxiety. It’s what I define as a powerful fusion of lyrics and melody. 

3. ONEUS’ ‘Lit’ 

Knowing as title track of the ONEUS’ third mini-album ‘Fly With Us’ (2019), the melody has a reminisce of ancient traditional Chinese-Korean songs, however, it maintains some characteristic of nowadays tracks— for instance a growing bridge with a powerful ending. 

4. BTS’ ‘Not Today’

I can’t hide the fact that this is one of my BTS’ favorite songs. Title song of the album ‘You Never Walk Alone’ (2017), this song combines the fighting lyrics talking about surviving alongside your companions, with a real and progressive struggle melody. There is a sort of light hope in the song. 


ATEEZ is a group I admire. Their combat spirit is visible in their choreographies is what I like to watch the most. 'HALA HALA' is a track of the album ‘Treasure Ep. 2 : Zero to One’ (2019). It starts with a very soft melody, giving the impression as a slow song. However, this makes the surprise of the powerful chorus that is really amazing. But my favorite parts are the bridge and the ending— stronger and beautiful in all ATEEZ songs. 

Which song is your favorite? Let us know and be sure to stick around KpopWise for more updates on all your favorite Kpop artists and idols!  

Silvia Luoni

Silvia has been a fan of Korean pop since 2016. Her bias group is NCT. She likes writing, reading, photography and Korean Culture.

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