VIXX to Release First Single in Four Years "Gonna Be Alright"

On the December 28, VIXX released a surprise image of the digital single "Gonna Be Alright" on its official SNS.

The released image of Coming Soon contains the comeback date and song name written in handwriting in black and white photos reminiscent of family photos, stimulating fans' excitement.

In particular, the sight of Leo and Ken hugging and kissing with VIXX's youngest Hyuk in the middle makes viewers smile automatically. The members' true brother chemistry, along with the members' love for the youngest, which does not change even after a long time.

In addition, the digital single name was released as "Gonna Be Alright" along with the members, raising fans' interest to the fullest.

Recently, Leo has proven himself to be a versatile all-rounder artist by not only producing albums but also acting through musicals and web dramas Happy Ending Outside the Fence, and Ken has also strengthened his position as a "reliable musical actor" by taking charge of popular musical works. The youngest Hyuk not only showed off his talent in acting and music, but also showed off VIXX's all-around youngest moves by performing in various fields such as entertainment and YouTube.

VIXX, who has strengthened his skills through various activities, will show a deeper tone and upgraded charm through this single. Since it is the first comeback in about four years since 2019, expectations are high on what color of music will make fans' hearts flutter.

The single will be released January 3, 6PM KST. 


Ciera Reeves

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