Boys Planet Introduces the Trainees Ahead of the Show's Premiere

Ciera Reeves

On December 29, channel Mnet released a special preview episode for the upcoming survival show Boys Planet. Along with that, the trainees performed on today's episode of MCountdown the show's theme song "Here I Am."


Many of the trainees have already participated in survival shows such as Wild Idol, Youth with You, Under NighteenI-Land and so on in the past, but they have tried their luck and skills again by joining Boys Planet. Meanwhile, members who are in active groups such as Pentagon, Up10tion, Ciipher, and Nine.i etc. are gaining attention as well.  

One of the early standouts that has garnered a lot of attention from fans is the center of team K, Sung Hanbin who is a trainee under the label Studio GL1DE which is suspected to be another subsidiary under Rapper RAVI's label GROOVL1N.

More standouts include Keita of Ciipher, Lee Hoetaek (Hui) of Pentagon, Antonny, Cha Woongi, actor Kim Jiwoong. 

You can check out the trainee's profile information on the official SNS account and

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