[Exclusive Interview] Choi Suhwan Discusses His New Music, Work/Life Balance, Future Goals As an Artist, and Much More

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Choi Suhwan is known for his smooth, comforting vocals and captivating performances! Some may recognize him from Produce X 101, but he is now a solo artist under LYNNA Entertainment. Suhwan has many hit songs such as "Starry Night," "NEW HERO," "CHANCE," and more recently, "Left on Read." Take a look at our interview with Suhwan below as he discusses his latest heartfelt R&B single, "Left on Read," amongst other exciting topics!

Can you tell us about your latest single, "Left on Read?"

"Left on Read" is a love story. It is a cute love song about the anxiety of when a man sends a message asking to meet a woman to make a confession in the process of liking the woman. However, the woman reads the message and does not reply.
What was it like crafting and writing "Left on Read?"Are you singing to yourself, or are you singing it to someone else?

I'm talking to myself. "I thought you liked me but didn't you? Then, what shall we do?" It's a song that talks about how you feel. 
What was your favorite part of filming the music video?
The outdoor cuts came out bright and pretty, so I liked the outdoor scenes the best.

"Left on Read" has an R&B flare to it. Who are some of your favorite R&B artists that you like to listen to?
I think Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars are my favorite artists. I've been practicing and listening to their songs the most! Justin Bieber's voice and songs are comfortable to listen to, and Bruno Mars' songs really emphasize the R&B vibehis voice is so unique.

When you turn your music player on shuffle what is the first song that plays?
Since I recently took final exams at school, the first song is SEVENTEEN's "HOT," which I took the test for.
Which one of your songs best represents your personality and why? 
I think the song that shows my personality the best is "NEW HERO." I think it's because it's a song that expresses my beliefs and goals and mindset.

We know that you play the guitar. Is there a favorite song that you like to play using your guitar?
I haven't been able to practice much these days because I don't have time to play the guitar, but generally, I like to play Etham's songs on the guitar because his songs are so good.

You are a great singer and dancer. What is your favorite thing about performing?
If I had to choose between dancing and singing, I would prefer singing. I like dancing, but singing resonates with people who hear and see it. I like that resonance.

We heard that you're a college student. What are you studying, and how do you balance schoolwork and being an artist?
I'm learning about song composition, harmonics, and MIDI. I am also learning about dancing and vocals! I'm busy because school is not over yet. [laughs] 

What are some of your music goals as an artist?
My goal is to become an artist recognized by many people whenever people talk about Choi Suhwan. I think Justin Bieber is the closest artist to my goal.

How did you choose your fandom name, LAKE, and what is the meaning of your fandom name?
My name is Suhwan in English, but the pronunciation is similar to swan, so I named my fandom LAKE, which is indispensable to swan, so we can think of each other first. And I like the color blue, so LAKE's color is also blue, so it's a fandom name made up of things I like.

Any messages for your fans?
Thank you so much for liking me. I'll be an artist who will grow further, so please support me, and I'll continue to be an artist who can give strength to my fans. Thank you!

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