[Exclusive Interview] Jimmy Brown on His New Deluxe Album, Love

Jimmy Brown is a singer, songwriter, and producer based in South Korea. He will be closing out 2022 with statistics that show how much he cares for his craft, love, and his fans. With 42.5 million streams, 2 million hours, and 5.2 million listeners in 183 countries. It’s safe to say people across the world are indulging in the rich and smooth sound of his music and the lovely stories that Jimmy has shared through his music. 

Jimmy’s first studio album, Love has been re-released on December 4, 2022 as a deluxe version with an additional six songs. Love features beautifully heart-warming love songs with an R&B and hip-hop sound. Every song is passionate yet soft. Jimmy mentioned that Love will close out this era of his music. He speaks of wanting to write about the tougher emotions in life that a lot of people are afraid to talk about. After all, sincerity can be scary for some. As for Jimmy, his existence thrives on honesty, loyalty, and love and he isn’t afraid to show that in his song lyrics.

Jimmy Brown took the time for a video call through Zoom at 11:00am KST on a Sunday. He shared his thoughts on love and music during this exclusive interview with KpopWise and writer, Katana Carson.

(Photo courtesy of Jimmy Brown)

Katana: Can you tell us about the new deluxe version of your album, Love?

Jimmy: Actually, after this album, I want to try some new stuff such as Brent Faiyaz and Frank Ocean’s type of music. 

Katana: Was there a meaning behind naming the album Love?

Jimmy: I was thinking of other names. There were some candidates for the album title but love….I always sing about love, right? I always keep it simple so I named it love.

Katana: What was your favorite moment while touring with Rovv and Sweet The kid in London and Paris recently in October? 

Jimmy: It was amazing. They were all hyped and crazy. They were all screaming like even before we showed up on the stage so it was kind of easy to perform thanks to the atmosphere.

Katana: Do you plan on touring in other places soon?

Jimmy: US tour next year around June. I think we (The Good Days Boys) will be going through 13 to 15 cities. Including Canada. It’s not confirmed yet but it's 90% confirmed. 

Katana: How did you meet Rovv and Sweet the kid?  How do you all work together? 

Jimmy: We actually met each other like 4 or 5 years ago, there was a crew including 3 other guys and after making music together for like 3 years we kind of decided to part away. And at that time Rovv started to build his own studio, which we all use right now. Me and sweet the kid went there everyday to help him. That how we bonded with each other. Ever since we made music together, our first ep was called The Good Days Boys so we named ourselves The Good Days Boys. 

Katana: A lot of your songs are about Love and have an R&B sound, are there any other topics that you would like to speak about?

Jimmy: Yeah of course. I want to sing about the difficulties through life and the other side of love. I always like to keep it positive but it’s time for me to share that I have the other side of emotions.

Katana: I listened to the lyrics of Complicated (from Jimmy’s album, Love), the lyrics are very deep, and the emotion of the song is different from what you usually do. Was that intentional? 

Jimmy: No it was natural. I wrote every single song from Love, the same way I always do. 

Katana: The Love album is consistent; every song flows together very nicely. 

Jimmy: Yeah, I really like the album. 

Katana: I love it, it’s good. 

Katana: Seeing that you are also a producer, are there any artists you would like to produce for? Any dream collaborations? Or anyone that you want to write for? 

Jimmy: Yeah, why not but rather than that I would love to work with some R&B artists. Of course, I love every single pop artist based in the US, but besides that I would love to work with Jay Park. He’s an all-time favorite for me. Maybe I’ll make an ep with him. 

Katana: I noticed on the deluxe version of Love, the songs were placed in a different order from the original album. Was there a specific process you had when you changed the track listing?

Jimmy: Nah, I just did it by feels. I actually made the track list with Sweet The Kid

Katana: The songs on Love flow together very smoothly, my favorite songs are the interludes. They really make a good bridge between the songs on the album.

Jimmy: Yeah that was my intention. Between Your Thighs interlude and Please interlude, I really like the chorus part for both songs. 

Katana: The chorus is catchy and kind of hypnotic I really like that. 

Jimmy: Yeah! 

(Photo courtesy of Jimmy Brown)

Katana: Do you plan on making music videos for the songs on Love?

Jimmy: Not really, but I feel like I have to. 

Katana: What do you think a music video for your songs would look like?

Jimmy: Nothing much, nothing fancy these days like rappers do. I want to keep it simple. I like indie movies, like really slow movies. If I can make one, I would love to keep it that way. 

Katana: I could see that because your music already sounds like it could be in the background of a movie, like a soundtrack. I really like the album cover too, it’s simple, warm colors and very chill.

Jimmy: The car I stepped on (on the album cover) it was on my bucket list ever since I started my music career. I wanted to buy a fancy car, It was one of the biggest (on the list), you know? It means a lot to me. 

Jimmy: Is that enough for the answer? (laughs)

Katana: Yeah! (laughs) I was just listening to you. I like what you said, that was sweet. 

Jimmy: My hometown is two hours from Seoul. I’m from the countryside so 10 years ago when I came to Seoul, I was kind of afraid. Afraid of everything. I was all new to Seoul. 

Jimmy: The background of the album cover is one of the biggest stadiums in Seoul. It also meant that I have lived here and made it here. (made it in Seoul)

Katana: That’s awesome, I would not have been able to notice that story based off the album cover alone. I like that you shared your story.

Katana: Another thing I wanted to say about the deluxe version of Love I really like how you stay true to your consistent message of honesty. It’s very clear. 

Jimmy: Thank you.

Katana: How was your time studying abroad? 

Jimmy: I was in Australia when I was like 17. I was going to Sydney University and when I came back to Korea for some exams, I didn’t want to go back and at the time I brought two CDs from Chris Brown and Kanye West, I really love them. They were the first pop albums I ever listened to. 

Katana: Those are good albums!

Jimmy: Yeah! Literally changed my point of view and direction in life.

Katana: That’s awesome! They both make really good music. Those are bold choices to be the first albums you listened to. 

Jimmy: I was lucky!  (He said while smiling and shaking his head with gratitude as if he was reminiscing about listening to those albums for the first time.)

Katana: It worked out well for you! 

Jimmy: Yeah! I think so. (He said while smiling with cheerful laughter.) 

Katana: Did your time studying abroad in Australia shape your identity? Do you think you would be a different person if you did not study abroad?

Jimmy: Yeah, my mom and dad always told me “You can do music after University” but I don’t think I would’ve done music after, I would have gotten a job. 

Katana: What musicians and songs are you constantly listening to right now?

Jimmy: These days? There are too many. I actually shared my playlist on Instagram, I’ve been listening to B.E.D by Tone Stith, Russell!, Eric Bellinger, Playboy Carti, Asap Rocky, Brent Faiyaz  and Tory Lanez. 

Katana: What songs did you listen to in your childhood?

Jimmy: Typical ballad songs from Korea. 

Katana: Do you think listening to ballads shaped the music you make today or no not too much? 

Jimmy: No, not too much. 

Katana: Would you say R&B and hip-hop music by artists like Chris Brown and Kanye West shaped the music you make today more than the ballads you grew up listening to? 

Jimmy: Ever since I started making music, I always wanted to keep it that way. I used to force myself to listen to only pop so that I could make of one those pop albums. Otherwise, I would’ve ended up making ballad music.

Katana: If your music had a color, what would it be?

Jimmy: Something warm, like blue but not gloomy blue like warm blue or warm pink just like the sunset. 

(Jimmy’s album cover for Love also features a sunset with the same colors he describes.)

(Photo courtesy of Jimmy Brown)

Katana: How do you want people to feel when they hear your music?

Jimmy: The first thing that came to my mind was I want people to feel how beautiful love is. That was what my grandma taught me through her whole life, that love is beautiful. The love album is actually my grandma’s message of love through me.

Katana: So you are carrying on the message of love that she gave you?

Jimmy: Yeah, for sure. These days people are likely to neglect the other emotions. People don’t really appreciate the true feelings and emotions they face through lovers, family and through other people

Katana: I get what your saying. People would rather indulge on the surface level, fake feelings and not the truth of all the emotions. 

Jimmy: Like no wonder, including Chris Brown and all these rappers sing about loyalty. That’s how I exactly feel. Honesty and loyalty must come first with whatever it is between people.

Katana: I really think that’s exactly what you did with your album Love. It’s very to the point, and very this is what it is but it’s very emotional at the same time. It can be difficult to balance those two contradicting feelings, but you did a good job with that on the album. 

Katana: When you were on tour did fans say anything to you that touched your heart?

Jimmy: Honestly like everyone who came to the show touched us because they took their precious time, for us. To see us. Some of the fans gave us rings, jewelry, letters, and flowers. It was a wholesome moment. 

Katana: Is there one specific thing that a fan said to you that always stuck with you?

Jimmy: There’s always one thing that hit me hard. Which is, “You changed my life.” “Your music changed my life” I have never said to someone that you changed my life kind of thing. 

Katana: It’s so nice that you have that kind impact on your fans. 

Jimmy: I always smiled at it when I hear fans say “I listen to your music when I study."

Katana: Your music is good for studying. I play it in the background when I study as well.

Jimmy: No way! (He says while laughing and smiling.)

Katana: It is really good to play, it’s good life music. 

Jimmy: Really?

Katana: You can listen to it deeply or just play it. 

(Photo courtesy of Jimmy Brown)

Katana: What are your favorite songs from the deluxe version of your album Love?

Jimmy: Steam, Wet Everywhere and Freak. I really like Steam.

Katana: I like steam, it’s really good. I like all the songs from Love honestly. 

Jimmy: Thank you. 

Katana: It’s rare that you find albums where all the songs are a hit. All your songs from Love are good. 

Jimmy: I’m glad you felt that way. It means a lot.

Katana: What are your favorite songs from The Good Days Boys Playlist 1?

Jimmy: Nike and The Good Days Boys Intro. The lyrics are about us. I like some R&B songs I did with Sweet The Kid

Katana: Are there any new, exciting projects coming up for you that you want to tell your fans or people who have just found your music?

Jimmy: There’s going to be a 2nd studio album (for The Good Days Boys) on December 26th. We released 5 or 6 songs through the year and we’re going to add 3-4 songs to make the whole album. So we’re working on it. 

Katana: Is there anything else you wanted to say? 

Jimmy: These days, especially in Seoul. Seoul is very energetic, very fast paced city. When I see them in morning, they all look like zombies because on weekdays they always go to work and I just want to say I really hope everyone will be happy in their lives. I ask myself why do I live? And my answer was I live to be happy.

Katana: I like that, that’s important. 

Jimmy: I want people to be happy through my music of course. And through love eventually. 

(Photo courtesy of Jimmy Brown)

Thank you to Jimmy Brown for taking time to talk to us for this interview! 

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Jimmy Brown for KpopWise. // Interview and words by Katana Carson

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