K-pop Stores Refuse to Stock New LOONA Album in Boycott of Blockberry Creative

Ciera Reeves

On December 11, Blockberry Creative officially announced the comeback of the girl group LOONA, less than a month after announcing that member Chuu was removed from the group on November 25. 

In regards to the situation, LOONA fans' Orbits decided to boycott the upcoming comeback of the group with the sentiment that LOONA is Twelve. 

The fans decided together to not stream, buy, watch, or trend anything related to the comeback in hopes to get their message across to the company. 

In support of the boycott, international K-pop stores vowed to not sell any copies of the new album to show support.  

Many more shops are participating in the boycott, so check your favorite store for any messages. 

What do you think of the situation? Let us know @KpopWise. 

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