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Kim Namjoon’s new album ‘Indigo’ was released on December 2nd KST. The first official solo album since his last release the beloved, and emotionally comforting mixtape ‘Mono.’ The lead track “Wildflower” had its official music video on December 2nd at 6PM KST.

The video for “Wildflower” is a romantic whirlwind of landscape and visuals. Documenting his teenage years to a full-throttle idol. Enduring storms to his final scene in expansive fields surrounded by a sea of purple wildflowers. As expected this level of artistry and accompanying musicality sets the tone for the lead track and album. Lasting 4 minutes 33 seconds “Wildflower” is an impactful captivating track. Packed with emotion which is brought into force by the accompanying vocals of Youjeen.

Opening with "Yun" documenting the trials Namjoon has been conflicted with.

“F*** the trendsetter/ I’mma turn back the time/Back the time, far to when I was nine/ Back then when there were only good and bad things/ I think I was more human back then.”

The chorus is dominated by the soothing RnB vocals of Erykah Badu,

“You keep the silence/Fore you do somethin’/You be a human/Till the death of you.”

With eight out of 10 tracks including various collaborations, Namjoon explained in his Weverse letter. “You may have found it a bit strange that many people participated in my first solo album, this album is like an exhibition that I curated myself. If you look at the harmony between me and them, you will be able to understand.” Each song is punchy, yet reflects on various topics telling a story intended to be listened to from start to finish. 

The release marked the last month of Namjoon's ’20s with the album four years in the making. Indigo reflects the rollercoaster ride Namjoon battled. Ever the deep thinker and as expected BTS leader reflects his thoughts and feelings eloquently and relatable for listeners. It serves as a diary, battling with what's to come, reflecting on the past and what the future holds. Evident in the track "Still life,"

The past’s gone, the future’s unknown / Catching my breath on a crossroads.” 

For those in the last year of their 20's or those in their early 30's, we all get reflective on our life, fears, and tribulations. The album serves as an open-penned love letter for those looking for healing, assurance, or a small token of comfort.

Wildflower” teaches us it’s okay to live like a small wildflower. Indigo tells a story and is a source of reassurance that people change, that it’s okay to be sad and that beauty and sorrow come together. It’s a source of comfort which comes in the form of Namjoon and his gift Indigo. Intended to be there if you need to sit back and seek comfort then listen to 32 minutes of pure genius.

'Indigo' is available in two options‘ Book’ and ‘Postcard.’ Both are available on weverse, Cokodive, and all good online retailers.

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