[Exclusive Interview] XEED Talks “DREAM LAND,” Go-to Shower Songs, and Endless Support from Fans

A Message to KpopWise Readers from XEED:

With extensive experiences ranging from survival shows to being previous members of other boy groups, the four-member group XEED never gave up on their idol dreams. XEED released its first mini-album DREAM LAND and debuted on December 1st, 2022. Sharing the same as their album title, their title track “expresses the excitement of a dream-like world that has not yet been ventured into a fantasy world” in the words of Doha. Doha, the leader and vocalist of XEED, helped inspire their group’s name; “I wanted the seed to bloom like the seed of hope in your hearts. If you are with XEED, we built it with the hope that you will be with us in a world where we can share pain, heart, and comfort each other”.


Doha and his fellow members (Roni, Bao, and Jaemin), are the first K-Pop group with everyone debuting at an older age (over 25). Truthfully, they were expecting there would be a concern due to their ages and the members’ ages range from 26 to 30 years old. In the K-Pop industry, it’s common for idols to debut at a younger age as this is considered a “prime” time to benefit their music careers in the long run. This motivates Doha as him and his fellow members want to “show [they can] do well with the people who trust and support us. [Our group] name XEED has a desire to give you hope through that”.

Aside from getting to know about their journey to debuting officially, we got the chance to ask entertaining questions that gave an insight into their personalities:


If you could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, what would you have a good chance of winning a medal for?

Doha: I’m vulnerable to sports. I used to draw quietly at home when my friends around my age played soccer or ran around. However, I never lost to anyone in a sport that uses strength (especially arm wrestling). So, if there’s an activity that can be an Olympic sport, it would have to be arm wrestling.

Roni: If I participate, I think it will be football (soccer).

Bao: Well, I am not good at sports. If there’s a game where you lie down and rest for a long time, I think it’s possible.

Jaemin: Swimming! I learned swimming when I was young, so I am most confident in swimming.


Before going to bed at night, what do you do before going to sleep?

Doha: Before going to bed, I ask my fans how their day is through Bubble (a social media app) and say goodnight to them.

Roni: I put on sleeping music and go to sleep haha!

Bao: I suddenly fall asleep while watching YouTube.

Jaemin: I pray and then watch YouTube.


What is your go-to shower songs?

Doha: These days, I listen to carols based on the winter season. I start with Bobby Helms’ Jingle Bell Rock.

Roni: Jukjae's Let’s Go See the Stars. I want to sit in the sea and see the stars in the cool weather these days.

Bao: When I take a shower, I don’t listen to music but watch YouTube!

Jaemin: The Weeknd’s Die For You.

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Prior to their group debut, they filmed several dance covers. Doha and Jaemin shared THE BOYZ’s Reveal is their favorite since it’s the most energetic. “Darl+ing by SEVENTEEN. I still remember it because it was a place with a wide mountain and sea”, as Roni admits is his favorite. According to Bao, XEED covered Blood Sweat & Tears by BTS but it has “sadly not been released”. The opportunity to perform together in a group influences a musical group’s dynamics and friendship. When asked about describing their friendship in 3 words, all the members gave either sincere or amusing answers. Beginning with Doha, “Consideration, concession, sacrifice” while Roni was “Loyalty, eternity, friends”. Jaemin also mentions eternity in his response but brings up that family and love are equally important. Bao’s amusing response finishes with “It’s annoying. Let’s play a game. What are you doing?”


They shared some of their pre-group memories and hobbies/interests:


Before your debut, what was your favorite group memory/activity?

Doha: All the activities of BOYS24 (in reference to his pre-debut group activities from a survival show of the same name) are precious memories. The days when I promoted with “Unit Black,” our fans were excited and happy It's remembered as a memory.

Roni: Off the Cuff (his previous pre-debut boy group) activities in Japan.

Bao: Working with LUCENTE.  

Jaemin: Out of the members, I remember BOYS24 the most with Doha doing his best. That's why I'm here now.


Are there hobbies or interests that make you lose track of time?

Doha: Riding a bicycle or drawing a picture, but I haven’t been able to do it for a long time. As a small hobby, I watch YouTube or Instagram when I have time.

Roni: I think it’s time to play games when I have time with the members.

Bao: A film camera for taking pictures.

Jaemin: Camping and playing games. Both are my favorite hobbies and interests.

As artists in the music industry, some may stick or stray away from the moral values they first started off with. Members of XEED had a variety of thoughtful values. Being the oldest of group, Doha’s wise words were “Always wary of injustice and contradiction, looking back at yourself, and not compromising with them” in which were similar to Roni’s stating “It’s about dealing with justice”. In contrast, Jaemin had a light-hearted response along the lines of “If you can’t avoid it, enjoy it” while Bao says “Let’s not do anything wrong.” Nevertheless, they are truly grateful to debut together and are given the chance to live out their idol dreams.

Finally, when asked what they are grateful for, Bao reflects on enduring hard days and debuting in XEED. The group expresses their love for their dear fans, whom they named Greeny. Doha commented "Nevertheless, thank you for loving me."

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*Interviewer’s note: This article has been edited for clarity

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