A New Album and a New Direction: Stray Kids MAXIDENT Review


Stray Kids have been making waves in the K-Pop industry since their debut in 2018 and their recent album, MAXIDENT, is yet another testament to their success. The nine-member group has continued to break boundaries and push the limits of what K-Pop can be with this latest release. On MAXIDENT, Stray Kids deliver a powerful combination of catchy hooks, thoughtful lyrics, and a mix of genres that will have listeners hooked from start to finish. In this review, we'll be taking a closer look at MAXIDENT, exploring its unique sound and the messages it conveys.

The return of Stray Kids

The return of Stray Kids marks a new era for the K-pop group, one of commercial success and mass appeal. This could be seen as a double-edged sword, with one side celebrating the fact that they now have the support of a major label and the potential to reach a wider audience, while the other warns against succumbing to the temptation of creating overly accessible music to please the masses.

Stray Kids have managed to find a balance between these two aspects with their latest EP, MAXIDENT. Despite the pressure of expectations, the group has managed to create a unique sound for themselves, one that still appeals to fans but still maintains artistic integrity. From the upbeat melodies and hard-hitting raps in "Case 143" to the strong ballads in "Can't Stop", Stray Kids have crafted an eclectic mix of genres and styles that displays their musical growth and diversity.

A new sound for the group

Stray Kids have returned with an ambitious new album that shows off their evolution as a group. With MAXIDENT, they’re playing with a lot of new genres, from glitch hop to dark synth. The standout tracks include "Give Me Your TMI" and "Case 143," The latter track introduces a new sound into the group's diverse canon: saxophone riffs. Meanwhile, "Give Me Your TMI" is a thrilling blend of upbeat glitch-pop and driving EDM beats.

These tracks showcase the group's experimental nature and prove that Stray Kids are able to explore different genres and styles while still keeping their unique brand of the music intact. The result is an energetic, innovative collection of songs that demonstrate the group's sonic evolution.

The standout tracks

Stray Kids’ MAXIDENT album features some of the group’s most exciting and innovative music to date.

The title track “Case 143,” is a funky, electro-hip-hop track that stands out among the other songs on the album. The track opens with a thumping beat and pulsating synths as the member's rap and sing about unexpected confessions and innermost feelings. The track builds up in intensity as each member takes turns delivering powerful bars, creating an overall dynamic and captivating experience for listeners.

The album also features tracks like “Give me your TMI” and “Taste,” two more standout tracks that highlight Stray Kids’ ability to switch between styles with ease. “Give me your TMI” features The guys are short-circuiting over their new crush in this glitch-hop anthem. The boys want to learn more about their love interest but are unable to process and comprehend their evolving emotions. Meanwhile, "Taste" appeals to both of their capabilities as musicians and dancers. Throughout the song's three-and-half minutes, the trio switches between several genres and emotions.

Ultimately, Stray Kids have crafted an amazing body of work with MAXIDENT and have proven once again why they are one of the most dynamic and talented groups in K-pop today.

Final thoughts

The new Stray Kids album MAXIDENT is an impressive, ambitious effort that sees the group pushing their sound in a bold new direction. It's an eclectic mix of genres, from hip-hop and rap to electro-pop and synth, that comes together to create an album full of energy and excitement. The album proves that the group is unafraid to explore different sounds and styles, while still managing to stay true to their roots. MAXIDENT is an impressive achievement, and it's one that's sure to be remembered for a long time.

Atlas Barnes

Atlas first became interested in K-pop in 2011 after hearing 2PM’s Take off in an anime. From then, their interest peaked and they became utterly infatuated with the genre. Stray kids is their favorite group, followed by TXT. They further delved into the Korean media industry, falling in love with other forms of entertainment like films and television series. Atlas is now a student in college studying film and journalism. They are looking to build a portfolio to further themself in journalism.

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