VAV Members Lou and Ziu Complete Military Service, Group to Have Comeback Soon

On January 12, the agency ATEAM Entertainment said, "VAV Lou and Ziu were discharged from the military service after a year and a half on the 11th. "I ask for your interest and support for future activities."

Lou and Ziu, who joined the army in July 2021, showed excellent vocal skills, acting skills, and colorful charm by appearing in the army's creative musical "Blue Helmet: Meissa's Song" as well as faithfully serving in the military on the 11th.

On top of that, they did not forget to communicate with fans by steadily informing them of his recent status through their personal SNS channel.

VAV, which finally gathered as a group with Lou and Ziu's military discharge, released a group photo of seven people on its official SNS channel on the 11th, drawing global fans' attention with their unwavering friendship.

Then, at midnight on the 12th, a YouTube Live was held to warm up its activities.

Lou and Ziu, who chose their first official schedule on YouTube live after being discharged from the military, continued to communicate with fans with a more mature appearance, and drew smiles with their cute love for fans.

On the other hand, Lou and Ziu, expressed their feelings about being discharged through their agency. Lou and Ziu each said, "It was difficult to serve in the military, but it was a time to feel the importance of trivial happiness. Thank you so much for waiting until the end of the military service. I love you. I'll show you a lot of good things from now on," he said.

"I had a fun and happy year and a half in the military. Our Vamps (fandom name), the cooler VAV is just the beginning. "Please look forward to it," he confessed, while also raising expectations for future activities.

VAV is a boy group that debuted in the music industry in 2015, and consists of a total of seven members: Ayno, Ace, Baron, Lou, Ziu, Jacob, and leader St.Van. 

Not only have they expanded their position as "Korean Wave idols" with various album concepts and performances, but they have also continued to communicate with their active individual activities when each member served in the military.

VAV, which has become a complete "military idol" after Lou and Ziu, plan to continue its active activities, including the release of a new album in 2023.

Check out the YouTube Live 
Part 1

Part 2

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