[Review] Taeyang ft Jimin 'Vibe' Together on New Release


It’s Friday so let the good ‘Vibes’ begin! Bigbang's Taeyang released his new single ‘Vibe’ featuring Jimin (BTS) on January 13th at 2 pm KST. After the music video teaser was released on the 11th of January, the long wait is over and the music video eclipsed the small teaser.

The music video is full of highly contrasted visuals and accompanied by appropriately matched outfits. Taeyang donned his well-toned body, and Jimin in a sleek two-piece suit with a visible sneak peek of skin for fans. Featuring low-color aesthetics, it glides through graphics and romantic color. It gives off 90’s style emitting an uptempo RnB love song that caters to and flaunts both artists' vocals. Jimin arrives with some smooth lyrical storytelling dancing across a structural Seoul skyline “You're the Han River, I'm the Nam San, It can't be more perfect than this.”

Both Jimin and Taeyang demonstrate just how well their vocals vibe well together. Jimin who is known for his lead vocals in BTS,  not only lent his vocals to the track but also participated in the composition. Black label noted "It's a charming song with a warm sound. The subtle emotions that can be felt through the vibe in each other's relationship are solved with witty lyrics." ‘Vibe’ definitely does that, from the start the chorus is a real warm that will have you hummingYou know we got that vibe" throughout the day. 

With regard to the two’s working relationship, it certainly shows, Jimin who has been a long fan of Taeyang's work in sync with their intertwined fast-paced choreography. Something I’m sure we’ll be seeing in future social media dance challenges. The routine adds color to a soft and smooth number. Dance steps from both Taeyang and Jimin echo those of legendary artist Michael Jackson and his use of dance to convey messages. 

To sum up, the 2:58 minute number ‘Vibe’ is certainly a sexy sultry number bound to have fans in a spin. What do you think of ‘Vibe’ let us know in the comments.  Be sure to stick around KpopWise for more updates on your favorite Kpop artists and idols!

Kirsty Bright

A UK freelance writer, who stumbled into the land of Kpop while studying Korean. Her bias groups are BTS and Seventeen, but she loves a range of groups and finding new artists to listen to! Contact on Insta: @kirstybright_ Portfolio: kirstybright.journoportfolio.com

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