Group BEE BEE TAN is Back! The K-Avengers of A-list Korean Entertainers Release 'SHOCKING ASIA'


Photo Cr. // Bace Camp Studio 

The very first K-pop's multiverse worldview BCU (Bace Camp Cinematic Universe) superhero team BEE BEE TAN has made a comeback by dropping this new super hot track, 'SHOCKING ASIA'.

“SHOCKING ASIA” means to promote the power of Korea and Asia to the world, picking out the strongest in Asia through a superhero movie.

The movie for BEE BEE TAN's latest track that'll be released January 15th, it's already making loads of noise since Ken Rhee, GARY, KIMHONGNAM, SHORRY and others who are top Korean celebs will take part. The featuring done by a giant of all giants, legendary female vocalist, PARK Mi-kyung is creating enough buzz both in Korea and abroad, prompting the media to label them as the K-avengers.

Photo Cr. // Bace Camp Studio

According to their agency, BEE BEE TAN, who currently serves as a spokesperson for Korean tourism attractions, will once again sing about the beauty and power of Korea in this new track 'SHOCKING ASIA', and will increase overseas activities.

'SHOCKING ASIA,' was released on December 30 at 6PM KST on various music streaming sites. The group will continue its activities with a number of events, including the release of NFT cards of all members, a music video showcase, and the pre-sale of limited edition merchandise.


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