MOONBIN & SANHA Release 3rd Mini Album INCENSE

Ciera Reeves


Photo Cr. // FANTAGO

ASTRO’s first sub-unit MOONBIN&SANHA are back with their third mini-album, INCENSE. Returning after ten months since their second mini-album, REFUGE, MOONBIN&SANHA seek to settle down as the ‘unrealistic sub-unit’ representing the sexiness that no one else will exceed through this new album.

The duo turned into the necessary evil, as the chosen ones, to be the refuge for all in their second mini-album, REFUGE. MOONBIN&SANHA wish to make everyone happy with their irresistible scent through songs in INCENSE.

'Madness' Music Video 

INCENSE contains six new tracks including the title track, “Madness”, which is a pop dance song with an intense bass sound and elements of EDM and big band. MOONBIN&SANHA also participated in writing lyrics and composition in the album, including their solo tracks, to fascinate fans around the world with their growing musical spectrum.

Listen to the INCENSE EP 


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