[Exclusive Interview] What are the P1Harmony Members Excited to Do on Tour?

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On January 20, group P1Harmony kicked off the US leg of their 2023 tour P1ustage H: P1ONEER in Los Angeles. P1Harmony visited the US last year with their tour P1ustage H: PEACE and is delighting fans yet again with their return! The group will bring their dynamic energy to twelve cities, so grab your tickets if you haven't already

This time around P1Harmony will be able to perform songs from their 5th Mini Album "Harmony: Set In" and P1ece will be able to see remixes of P1Harmony's songs with new choreography so that they can enjoy the songs with different vibes. They are excited to show off how much they have improved! 

Just ahead of the tour, KpopWise caught up with P1Harmony to get their insight about the tour and what they are excited to do this time. 

KW: Is there something that you didn't do on the last tour that you want to try this time?

JiUng: Last tour we haven't been able to go to Nashville, but this tour, we're going to Nashville and I've been really wanting to try the Nashville hot chicken.

KeeHo: I feel like this tour especially, we're going to a lot of cities that we haven't been to before. We haven't been to Reading, Austin, Dallas, Oakland --just a whole bunch of different new places. We're pretty adventurous people, so we're excited to see the atmosphere and energy that comes from those different places and what our fans are like in those different cities as well.

Check out the video here! 

Theo explained what he wanted to fans to know ahead of seeing the tour. 

Last tour we were just really having fun on stage, it was just six guys going crazy, just us having a lot of fun. And this time, I feel like having fun is very important as well, but for the six of us, we spent a lot of time trying to have but looking cool while having fun. So we hope our fans can feel that and experience that as well. It's just six dogs jumping around, it's not that. It's very organized and thought out, hopefully, our fans can see and understand that as well. I really wanted to express that because I did a lot of monitoring and I watched a lot of videos from our last tour and I felt like it's better if it was more organized. So we practiced a lot and gave a lot of effort into it so we hope our fans look out for that as well.

KeeHo goes on to give instructions for fans attending the concerts. 

So we have 3 songs on this tour that we really want our fans to be interactive with it is 'Scared', 'Follow Me', and 'Do It Like This'. One 'Scared' there is this chanting part that we can do with our fans, for example, if we're "When I say L you say A, L.A.", in scared there are a lot of interacting moments, where everyone can come and sing along, so it would be nice if you guys sing along on tour. For 'Follow Me', there is a part where we make everyone sit and then everyone jump at the same time, if everyone could do that and just scream and go crazy it would be nice, there's nothing really organized, you just have to go crazy. And last, for 'Do It Like This', we have a little segment where we dance and we expect everyone to dance with us, it's like we dance, then you guys dance, then we dance then you guys dance, etc... A little tikitaka moment so if you guys can look out for that it would be nice as well.

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