Jackson Wang Kickstarts 2023 With New releases

Jackson Wang is starting 2023 strong with two new projects released. His first release of the new year is “Why, Why, Why.” The track was released on 31st December 2022 and was accompanied by a fun follow-up music video released on 2nd January. The video features Jackson as background shrubbery singing what translates as a love letter "Because You're so magical, I love you for no reason." Although the track is sung in Chinese Jackson's vocals prove once again that language holds no barrier, his emotion is conveyed excellently to the listener.

If this wasn't enough, fans were in for a treat with a collaboration from Team Wang producer BOYTOY. The new single ‘Imagine’ features the incredible artist Tablo and Jackson’s lead vocals. The single will be available on all platforms from Friday, January 6th, with the audio music video already available on Youtube.

2022 saw plenty of success with his release of 'Magic Man,' a new direction that followed his personal creative journey of burnout, loneliness, and peace. Singles “Blow” and “Cruel” set the stage for the main act of his album “Magic Man” released on September 9th. Magic Man the tour has seen high-energy routines, striking visuals, and lucky fans' participation onstage. The next step of the stage show sees him coming to the UK on Thursday 12th January 2023 and the final stops in Paris and Dubai.

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Kirsty Bright

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