SF9's Dawon Saves Patient in Cardiac Arrest with Paramedics Instructions

Ciera Reeves


On January 5, FNC Entertainment wrote on the official fancafe of SF9, that member Dawon would skip the day's scheduled fan meeting / fan call due to an extraordinary excuse. 


A fellow patron at a sauna that Dawon frequents went into cardiac arrest. Thankfully, Dawon immediately called 119 and was able to perform first aid measures on the person with instructions over the phone with the paramedics until they could arrive on the scene to take care of the patient. 

After the incident, it was decided that Dawon would sit out from the event and rest. 

Meanwhile, SF9 is expected to have a comeback on January 9 with their 12th mini album "The Piece of 9" and title track 'Puzzle'. 

What do you think of Dawon's heroic deed? Let us know at @KpopWise. 

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