R&B Crew The Good Days Boys Drops New Full Album and Announces 2023 U.S. Tour


The rising R&B crew The Good Days Boys from South Korea recently released their second full-length album The Good Days Boys Playlist 2 within only 13 months of their first one.

Consisting of three up-and-coming artists and friends, R&B singers Jimmy Brown and Sweet The Kid, and rapper Rovv. The Good Days Boys are skilled in producing sensuous R&B songs. 

While being unfamiliar to most Korean listeners, this rookie crew achieved more than five million streams globally on Spotify with the release of their first full-length album The Good Days Boys Playlist 1 on December 2021.

Unlike "The Good Days Boys Playlist 1" which consists of 24 tracks, "The Good Days Boys Playlist 2" humbly includes only 10 songs that demonstrate the three artists' charm to the fullest. 

The album got a positive response from netizens such as "It's a masterpiece that speaks for itself," "A new flow in Korean popular music that deserves more attention," etc.

However, such immense popularity is not surprising. The Good Days Boys' member Jimmy Brown has previously taken the spotlight after his solo songs "2 Things" and "Irene" were acknowledged by BTS's Jimin and Red Velvet's Wendy.  Despite not having any exposure outside his social media and streaming platforms, 

Jimmy Brown has managed to achieve critical acclaim and outstanding presence as a Korean indie R&B artist.

With almost all of their lyrics written in English, The Good Days Boys are taking the world by storm and drawing the attention of not only regular listeners but Korean and overseas DJs. 

In October, they participated in "K R&B Rising Vol.1" hosted by "Seoul Therapy," as well as performed in London's "The Social" and Paris's "Punk Paradise" live music clubs receiving an enthusiastic response from the audience. Later in November, the crew was also invited to perform at Boston's Northeastern University.

Additionally, the group has announced a US Tour coming in 2023 after signing a contract with a Korean concert agency MPMG.  More details will be released soon. Many fans are already anticipating the tour as a new milestone in the crew's career.


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