[Review] TXT Gives us a Fantasy Fairytale with New Album 'Temptation'


TXT are back with their new album The Name Chapter: Temptation, which was released Friday at 2 pm KST. The boys begin a new chapter following previous albums The Dream Chapter and The Chaos Chapter. 2022 album Minisode 2:Thursdays Child acted as a gateway between the latter and the new release. Consisting of three brand new themes the teasers gave little away to just what the album consisted of. Transcending through the next three themes of this chapter with Nightmare, Daydream, and Final Farewell. 

Opening with a beautiful nightmare is “Devil by the window” which sets the tone for delving into the concoction of mixed genres. It’s a track outside the box for TXT and produced by BigHit Music's very own Slow Rabbit and mixed by Grammy Award-winning engineer Manny Marroquin. Not only is the song something different it alludes to the experimental tracks to come. 

Stand out track is “Sugar Rush Ride” which is also the lead single and packs a punch. It’s a sweet catchy pop bop full of dreamy high-range vocals, accompanied by a new music video also released Friday 27th. Unlike the title, the video is far from sweet and sugary, it’s a search for youth and proceeds into a daydream. Frolicking through a fairytale forest and demonstrating their range of choreography, it also plays into the innocence of youth holding on to the Peter Pan and Lost Boys aesthetic.

In a press showcase held ahead of the album's release, maknae Huening Kai explained the theme behind the song. "We always like to challenge ourselves with new styles and sound, and we did exactly that with this song. The song plays a line from the Korean traditional folktale 'Chunhyangjeon.” Explaining the use of traditional Korean dance within the video. “We used some parts of Chunhyangga [one of five surviving pansori narrative forms from the Joseon dynasty] in our lyrics and featured the movements of Korean traditional dance in our choreography.”

Reflecting with the closing track ballad “Farewell, Neverland” is a nod to their past and going back in time to the eras gone. It alludes to "Lonely Boy" from minisode 2: Thursdays Child with acoustic guitar vibes. Wrapping the story from the five tracks, it rounds off the album nicely.

Neverland, my love, goodbye now, And I'm free falling, Sleep well, everyone, 'Til I be calling, No matter where I go This is no home, Even if I'm afraid, I'm going down. Goodbye, Neverland, my love.

The Name Chapter: Temptation tells a vivid story full of charm, and playful Peter Pan, Disneyesque themes, with a range of musical genres and influences. It's a new step that is reflected through the concept and lyricism. This era has allowed the five members to explore various themes and looks for their concepts, going outside the usual TXT aesthetic. Each member has partaken in the process and produced a new sound that may surprise MOA. This album is their best standout body of work and is every inch as addictive as expected.

The band takes on its second world tour ACT: Sweet Mirage in March.

The Name Chapter: Temptation is available online from all good retailers. What's your favorite track from the new album? Follow KpopWise on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with the latest Kpop news and for more exclusive interviews!

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