Rookie Group 8TURN Debut with 1st mini album '8TURNRISE'

Rookie Group 8TURN Debut with 1st mini album '8TURNRISE'


MNH Entertainment's new rookie group and first boy group 8turn debuted today, 30th January at 6 pm KST with their new mini album 8TURNRISE and new single “Tic Tac."

“Tic Tac” is a hip-hop-infused main track taken from 1st mini album 8TURNRISE consisting of five songs. The music video released on 30th January is a cacophony of visuals contrasting 90’s bold patterns and loud prints sliding into a demure sleek black and white aesthetics. It’s an ambitious and chaotic 3:24-minute video. Yet the choreography exudes warmth and charm, and alongside the visuals snippets of choreography look set to be replicated on Tik Tok.

8TURN (previously named BOM) is made up of eight members; Myungho (vocalist) Jaeyun (leader & vocalist) Yoongsung (vocalist) Minho (Vocalist) Haemin (vocalist) Kyungmin (vocalist) Yungyu (Rapper) and Seungheon (Rapper and Maknae.) The band was selected through the WAG (world audition for guys) audition program. The boys also debuted their first showcase over on MNET which can be viewed below

Tracklist for 8TURNRISE 

The release comes after the band was added to the latest lineup for ‘Kcon 2023 Thailand’ joining (G)Idle, Youngjae, P1harmony, and many others. The album is available digitally with the physicals released on 6th February. Be sure to follow 8Turn on the following social media:

Instagram: @8turn.official
Twitter: @8TURN_official
Youtube: @8turn.official

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