XGALX CEO Clears up Misunderstandings Regarding Girl Group XG

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On January 25, global girl group XG came back with their 3rd single album "Shooting Star" and have begun promotions including performing on Korean weekly music shows. The group largely gets a positive response for their dynamic performances with skillful vocals and dancing. Yet, there are some Korean and International netizens who have experienced confusion or expressed disagreement with the fact that the group promotes in South Korea. 

On January 30, XGALX CEO Simon cleared up some misunderstandings in regard to XG on his personal Instagram account. 

Hello, I'm the CEO of XGALX and executive producer of XG, Simon (JAKOPS)

Thank you again to the company employees, many workers, stakeholders, and fans who have been waiting for XG. Since we are a new company, due to various information, there are facts different from the true facts, so we will pass on a few words to help correct the facts a little.

In addition, I would like to say that as a representative, I feel a heavy responsibility as a representative to those who felt uncomfortable because of the fact that I could not quickly explain on behalf of the party's members and fans who are doing their best for XG.

1. First the agency of XG is XGALX

Launched in 2017, the meaning of XGALX is a combination of XX, which means feminine dyed body, and GAL, which is a cool woman. X is an entertainment company that focuses on content that respects progressive, cultural diversity and relativity that is not tied to a particular nation and culture. XG(Extraordinary Girls) debuted in March 2022 and is the first artist group of the agency.

KW: There has been misinformation that the agency of XG was related to YG Entertainment or AVEX, XGALX is the actual agency of XG.

2. Is this a Kpop group? Is this a Jpop group? 

Born in the United States and raised alone in Korea and Japan, K-pop has developed and produced XG in a new way based on two activities and experiences of artists and producers. In the process, multinational staffs like Korea, Japan, the United States, and China are participating in our project in various ways. All XG artists are Japanese, but to be precise, I want to present XG's music and performance to the public around the world without prejudices and regulations regarding region, language, etc.

Since there was no previous case in the team, I think it may look a little unfamiliar. In the future, we will work harder to convey the true essence of XG by showing our unique color and diversity step by step. Furthermore, we will continue to value domestic Korean activities and become artists and companies that can have a positive impact on the global pop scene, including Korea.

3. Many people ask me why I don't write Korean lyrics while doing Korean activities.

I think that Korea's cultural industry has not only grown tremendously in the global market over the past few years, but it is also the most intense and high-quality market in the world. Since 2017, when I started producing we have been fiercely preparing for production and music activities in this competitive Korean market. Regarding the singing language, our biggest goal is to introduce XG music to the global market, so we are delivering the message of our music based on English, the most widely used language around the world. Various contents communicate with fans in Korean songs and Korean, and we are preparing more content to reach fans in various languages including Korean as well as English.

Our XGALX employees respect various countries and cultures regardless of nationality, and they are courageously supporting us to present our music and our colors to the world with good content. I would like to correct the fact that there is an unsaid and a strategy to use a specific third-party branding, as rumors have recently circulated, that is not true.

Be Humble, Wise and Always Lowkey Doing Your Best." I want to convey good influence to the world's public and cultural circles by keeping the slogan "Create Bold Cultures!" in mind.

Lastly, XG is an artist who truly loves music based on cultural diversity and global sensibility. In fact, I have visited Korea many times since I was a trainee, and I still live in Korea and learn and love Korean music and culture. Please give a lot of love and encouragement to XG, who wants to become a global Asian hip-hop girl group. Thank you.

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Despite many Kpop groups with only Korean members actively promoting albums in Japan on music shows such as Music Station, some can not accept the opposite situation. Also, Korean music shows sometimes often invite Western artists who sing in English such as Conan Gray and more. What do you think? Let us know @kpopwise! 

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