The Best Korean Dramas to Stream on Netflix in 2023

Netflix is the biggest streaming platform out there and almost everyone of us has a Netflix account. Korean contents such as their dramas and songs have recently roused to popularity and many of us had liked. Knowing that even though we people who are from other countries do not fully understand what they are saying. Unlike dramas from other countries, Korean dramas stands at the top. Their dramas always had great plot twists like that one character who is close turned out to be the killer sort of thing.  And there are this common scenes that we expect to see and at the end it always ended up happening.

The way you visit here seems like your last drama had ended and you wanted to watch. All of us have watched many dramas from comedies to horror ones and we have always liked it at the end. To kick start your 2023, here are the top 10 k-dramas that you can watch on Netflix. Some in the list are dramas you may have watched already but that does not change the fact that you cannot watch it again! Since everybody lists the same dramas, here you will find new ones.

(This list is in not chronological order)

10. Guardian: The Great and Lonely God

Guardian: The Great and Lonely God also known as “Goblin” in short is widely known across Asia. It has been a hit drama and it is a given that you have watched it already. But that does not mean you cannot watch it again right? Goblin is a fantasy drama that revolves around the story of a goblin seeking his wife in order end his immortal life given to him as a punishment. The moment he found his wife, instead of ending his life he realizes that he is willing to live.

9. Hotel del Luna

Hotel del Luna is a romantic comedy drama and it can also be classified as a fantasy. It is like the girl version of the drama Goblin because the plot is pretty much the same and they give off the same vibe. Hotel del Luna is a hotel for ghosts located in Seoul managed by Jang Man Wol. Everything is normal until Gu Chan Seong came into the hotel and a lot of crazy things happened.

8. Korean Odyssey

Korean Odyssey is a fantasy romantic comedy drama that is based on a Chinese novel “Journey to the West”. This drama portray a monkey god in modern day Seoul in which he is exiled to and there he met an extraordinary woman who he can kill and become powerful but instead they worked side by side catching evil spirits.

7. Healer

This drama tells the tale of an illegal “night courier” with the code name “Healer” who is the best night courier there is. Alongside a female reporter from a news website in which they entangle dark secrets from the past. This drama is great and if you haven’t watched it yet, I suggest you watch it next.

6. The King: Eternal Monarch

The King: Eternal Monarch is a must watch for Lee Min Ho fans. Although many people said this drama is a flop. Given the excessive use of product placement and another reason is some people does not understand the story. The story revolves around two parallel versions of the Republic of Korea naming the other one Kingdom of Korea. The story goes along with the King of Korea and a female police officer from the other universe meet each other due to strange entanglements in the past.

5. Touch Your Heart

The Goblin couple is back! Touch Your Heart is a romantic comedy drama revolving around a famous actress that  went down the drain due to a big scandal and a fierce lawyer who is the ace of their law firm and always win most of his cases.

4. Itaewon Class

Itaewon Class is a popular korean drama series focusing on revenge. It revolves around Park Sae Ro Yi who opens a restaurant in Itaewon in order to destroy Jengga Company’s family the one who murdered his father and covered it up. With the help of a girl named Jo Yi-seo and a bunch of friends, everything comes to reality.

3. Emperor: Owner of the Mask

You were not expecting this one. Emperor: Owner of the Mask is one of the best k-dramas I have ever watched and I personally recommend this to you. The story revolves to a Joseon prince who hid his face with a mask while fighting a secret organization more powerful than the royal family. The day his father died, an impostor sat on his throne and now he needs to find a way to reclaim it.

2. Memories of The Alhambra

If you are a gamer then you are going to love this! Memories of the Alhambra is a romance drama that revolves around the story of a company CEO and a hostel owner. Yoo Jin-woo, the CEO of an investment company went to Granada in order to find the creator of the most realistic game ever. Everything went normal until a bug in the game occur and ruined everything.

1. Angel’s Last Mission

Angel’s Last Mission is a fantasy romantic comedy-drama. It revolves around Lee Yeon-seo an extremely talented ballerina but suffers a big accident leaving her blind. Alongside Kim Dan, an angel who got into trouble and the only way to return to heaven is to find true love for Lee Yeon-seo, but at the end, he fell in love with her.

If you are wondering where Descendants of The Sun, Mr. Sunshine and Private Lives are. They are dramas that are mostly mentioned and most likely you have watched it already. If you know more great dramas available in Netflix, feel free to comment it below.

Author: Eva-Maria

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