[Review] VIXX Reunites with Starlights at Concert "-ING as Always"

It's been nearly 4 years since the group VIXX, had a concert. After a long wait, fans were finally able to reunite with their favorite K-pop group at the 'VIXX LIVE! -ING AS ALWAYS' concert. The boys of VIXX have grown and changed in the past four years, but they're still as amazing as ever. 

VIXX's Comeback Stage 

It met expectations with a variety of performances that quench the thirst of fans who have been waiting for a long time. The members Leo, Ken, and Hyuk,  kicked off the stage with performances of their solo songs. Ken appeared first middle of the stage singing his solo song "Meteor Show," and greeted his fans. Member Hyuk took over the baton with "Stay For Me," and Leo continued his passion with "Losing Game."

The members of VIXX graced the stage with their presence and passionate performances. Their setlist included an array of songs from their past 11 years, such as hits like 'Shang ri La,' 'Voodoo Doll,'  'Chained Up' and 'Love Equation. 'The audience was mesmerized by VIXX's incredible vocals and dance moves that seem more powerful than ever. Not to mention, they even debuted a new song written by maknae Hyuk "Gonna Be Alright" a comforting and soul stirring song. The group also performed many fan dedicated songs such as 'Milky Way,' 'Navy and Shining Gold.' As always, VIXX put on an entertaining show that left everyone wanting more. 

VIXX will be VIXX  

During the concert, the members of VIXX had some heartfelt moments with their fans where they reflected on how much things have changed since their last performance together. The men thanked all the fans for sticking around for four years despite not having any physical concerts during that time. They also said that they are grateful to be able to perform with the members again and promised to continue producing great music for their loyal fans in the future. 

It was truly a special weekend for both VIXX and their beloved Starlights —VIXX's official fandom name—alike. After four long years without seeing each other in person, it was heartwarming to see these two sides reunited once again through music and love. Here's hoping that there are many more opportunities like this one in store for them both!

"Thank you for waiting so long!”

The group VIXX shed tears at their first concert in three years and four months and expressed their feelings to fans. VIXX said, "I prepared this concert as a New Year's gift in 2023, but I don't know if you'll like it," and added, "It's been a while since we met, so I think everyone has come back much older." I've really been waiting for this day," they said.

VIXX held a fan concert "ING - As Always" held at KBS Arena Hall in Seoul from January 6th to the 7th. VIXX set a record of selling out all seats and satisfying five senses again, marking the 11th anniversary of its debut with fans and starting the new year in 2023. 

The fan concert featured a variety of charm transformation parades for more than 210 minutes, including talks, quizzes, and performance stages, adding to the heat by communicating closely with fans.

It was meaningful to fans in that it was the first fan concert in three years and four months this year, which marks the 11th anniversary of its debut. VIXX still showed off its hot ticket power and brought fans together. It perfectly quenched the long-awaited fans' thirst by showing its presence full of three colors on the solo and group stages.

VIXX will move on to Japan on February 3 and host the "ING - As Always. for fans there as well.

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