5 Must Listen Kpop Songs of 2022: A Comprehensive List

Are you ready for the hottest K-pop songs of 2022? As the new year starts, the music industry is buzzing with excitement and anticipation as to what will be the top songs of 2023. From chart-topping hits to underrated gems, here are our picks for the 5 best K-pop songs of 2022.

"Maniac," Stray Kids

Stray Kids have always been a reliable source of the freshest and most invigorating K-pop, and their latest single “Maniac” is no exception. It’s an exuberant and vibrant track that will surely be a huge hit on the K-pop scene in 2022.

The song kicks off with a bold synth intro and bright, energetic beats. As the chorus kicks in, it’s clear that this is going to be an infectious bop. The chorus is catchy and upbeat, and perfectly suits the high energy of the track. Felix’s distinctive voice takes the lead on this one, with the other members providing powerful backing. The pre-chorus provides a nice break from the intensity of the chorus and features some tight vocal harmonies.

The production of “Maniac” is also top-notch, as expected from Stray Kids. The synths provide an interesting contrast to the beat, creating a dynamic soundscape for the track. The chorus also stands out with its lush atmosphere, and the use of vocal effects adds to its vibrancy.

Overall, “Maniac” is sure to be one of the biggest K-pop hits of 2022. Its infectious hooks and powerful production make it an irresistible listen, and we can’t wait to hear what else Stray Kids has in store for us.

"Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go," TOMORROW X TOGETHER

TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s track, “Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go,” is a bright and energetic pop-rock anthem that was released as a unit song from Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Soobin on the group's latest EP, Thursday's Child. With its bouncy chorus, the track is an earworm with a brilliant icy synth line. The melodic flourish that takes us into the instrumental riff is what really makes the song special and gives it a unique flavor.

The lyrics of this song discuss a long journey ahead, and the chorus plays with the phrase “Thursday’s child has far to go,” to describe that after a breakup and path of recovery. The track also talks about staying positive, despite the difficulties and challenges one may face. It is both an empowering and uplifting song that resonates with many listeners. Overall, “Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go” is a refreshingly optimistic track that will have you humming along and tapping your feet along to its infectious beat. If you’re looking for a feel-good song to lift your spirits and make you want to dance, then this song is definitely for you!

 iKON, "But You"

iKON’s "But You" is a synth-driven K-Pop track that encapsulates the spirit of the group. The song is driven by pulsing synths and rumbling bass lines, with a catchy chorus and an unforgettable pre-chorus. It's a track that could only come from iKON, and its sharp production will keep listeners on their toes for its entire duration.

The song is ultimately about a couple who can't make it work out between them, and the members of iKON deliver this message with an impressive vocal performance. They use powerful, emotive singing to convey the pain and regret of the two lovers, and it’s hard not to feel something when listening to this song.

"But You" is an exciting return to form for iKON and is a reminder that they are still one of the most talented groups in K-Pop today. The track is undoubtedly one of the best songs we’ve heard this year, and it's sure to stay at the top of the charts for a long time.

 "Thank You," Brave Girls

Brave Girls have enjoyed a remarkable comeback, rising from the bottom to the top of the K-pop charts with their hit song "Rollin." And now they're back with another fantastic track, "Thank You."

The song is a disco-tinged, electro-pop banger that pairs a pulsing beat with shimmering synths and dynamic vocal performance. The chorus is an absolute earworm and will have you singing along in no time.

Lyrically, the song is all about how the group is thankful to its fans for their continued support over the years. It's a joyous message that's complemented by uplifting instrumentals.

Overall, Thank You feels more like a victory lap, content to ride the disco groove rather than push the group’s music to another level. Brave Girls have certainly earned the right to coast, especially when coasting sounds this good. Thank You is the style of straightforward dance track that will likely grow stronger with each listen.

 "Burning Up" (featuring R3HAB), MONSTA X

MONSTA X, who has captivated the music scene with their undeniable appeal, is back again with their new single, "Burning Up," featuring R3HAB.

The song is the perfect balance of hip-hop and EDM influences, giving it a unique and powerful sound. R3HAB brings his signature style to the track, adding a dynamic and upbeat atmosphere that's sure to get listeners in the mood to dance.

The track opens with a vibrant synth melody that gradually builds up to an intense climax as the rap verses kick in. The chorus features an exhilarating blend of heavy basslines, driving drums, and catchy lyrics that will have you singing along in no time.

"Burning Up" is a testament to Monsta X's ability to craft an infectious and energetic bop that will make you want to hit the dance floor. With its high-energy production and impactful lyrics, this song is sure to be one of 2022's most popular K-pop tunes.

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