BE:FIRST Release Single 'Boom Boom Back' and Music Video

After the remarkable achievements in 2022, which includes officially debuting as a group, music chart topping hits, as well as performances at prestigious events from the likes of 2022 Asia Artist Awards, the 65th annual The Japan Record Award, and the 73rd NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen (Kouhaku Song Festival), Japanese group, BE:FIRST are back with their first single of 2023, ‘Boom Boom Back’. The single will be made available on February 13, 2023, Monday, on all major digital streaming platforms. 

With a new year, BE:FIRST welcomes a new approach with a global team on ‘Boom Boom Back’ which includes US-based artist and music producer, Grant Boutin and music producer, Luke Shipstad, songwriters Will Jay and 3onawav, who proactively provide music to great artists in South Korea as well as other Asian countries. This brand-new infectious single expresses the sincere, yet greedy determination to aim even higher, despite already achieving high accolades. 

Boom Boom Back’ is a hybrid Hip Hop danceable track which is mixed with a 90s flavor, a touch of 2000s teen beat, and current sensibility of musical beats. In terms of choreography for the music video, BE:FIRST worked together with dancer and choreographer, KAITA, as well as KAZ the FIRE. KAITA previously worked on their Hip Hop number, ‘Milli-Billi’, which was taken from their first album ‘BE:1’. With ‘Boom Boom Back’, it is a promise that this is going to be another ‘must-see’ dance performance. The music video is scheduled to premiere on BE:FIRST’s official YouTube channel at 7PM (Singapore time) on 13 February 2023, Monday.

Boom Boom Back Music Video

Celebrating the new digital single release, BE:FIRST will have a series of live streams on their social media accounts. This is the first comeback for BE:FIRST since the release of their debut album, ‘BE:1’ last August. 

‘Boom Boom Back’ has already been shared and published by local dancers and choreographers in the lead up to the actual single release date, creating a wave of mystery and excitement to all BESTYs (BE:FIRST fans) who wondered if this was the group’s latest single. On TikTok, the #BBBチャレンジ (#BBBChallenge in English) was published without revealing the group or song title, and has created a massive buzz on social media even before the official announcement from BE:FIRST. To date, this has garnered over 5.0 million views alone, establishing BE:FIRST’s digital first approach and commitment to their love for music and dance. BE:FIRST published their TikTok videos for ‘Boom Boom Back’ on 26 and 27 January 2023. Get excited for their new release and await for what is coming next from BE:FIRST.

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