Monthly Roundup January 2023: CCOLA, BXB, Shin Youme, and Holyday

Monthly Roundup January 2023: CCOLA, BXB, Shin Youme, and Holyday



Chill RnB singer CCOLA has returned with a new single called 'LOVE2000' on January 3. The song the music video shows an look-a-like avatar of the singer walking towards their special person in the digital world.

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Shin Youme - STAY

Singer Shin Youme released her new single 'Stay' on January 3, 2023. ' Stay' is a sweet ballad about asking a loved one to never leave them. 

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Rapper HOLYDAY released his debut album HOLY on January 20. The album features several well-known rappers from the VIS Major label including Paloato. Although VISMAJOR is closing this year and the crew had their final concert this month, HOLYDAY was album to debut his first album. 

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BXB - Fly Away 

Boy group BXB previously known as APR Project have made their official debut with their first album "Intro: Flight and a new beginning" on January 30. The music video shows the group as school boys in a coming of age story with friendship, young love and conflicts. 

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