E'LAST to "Thrill" Fans with First Comeback in 10 Months

E'LAST to "Thrill" Fans with First Comeback in 10 Months

E Entertainment 

E’LAST is back to the stages with the new single “Thrill”, set to be released on February 20.

The expectations for the comeback of the boy group are high since they are known on the K-pop scene for their versatility and excellence.

The label E Entertainment released teaser images on the artists’ social media and announced that the group will return with seven members and a digital single. The artists’ first pictures for the new song were revealed as “Concept Photo ‘RACING.ver’”. Fans, known as ELRINGS, are curious about what innovation and concept will be adopted by E’LAST this time. The public is excited about the long-awaited release of “Thrill”.

The single will be released 10 months after the third mini-album “ROAR”, released in April 2022. “Thrill” will open E’LAST’s ambitious activities in 2023. For the next teasers, fans can expect pictures showing the innovative concept of the group. In the past, the octet showed different faces through a variety of concepts, which reinforces the image of E’LAST as a complete group. 

Fans and the general public can also expect remarkable performances and an even more thunderous stage presence. Besides the high quality which is already a trademark of the idols, the comeback will be the first after Seung Yeop’s enlistment in January 2023. The new single will be released at noon (KST) on February 20 on different streaming platforms.

About E’LAST

E’LAST (short for everlasting) is a boy group managed by E Entertainment and consisting of eight members: Rano, Choi In, Seung Yeop, Baek Gyeul, Romin, Won Hyuk, Won Jun, and YeJun. The group debuted in 2020 and was in the Top 10 of Billboard World Digital Song Sales with the mini-album “ROAR”. With each comeback, the group receives more recognition thanks to their artistic prowess and flawless abilities shown in complex works.

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