[Exclusive Interview] Junny Kickstarts His 13 Date EU/UK Tour a First for a Korean Soloist

2022 was the year that allowed Junny to dominate and reach new levels of success. Releasing “It’s not about you” in both Korean and English, the music video allowed Junny to showcase a K-drama-style storyline that follows a typical love story tinged with pain and heartbreak yet breaks free into an empowering ending. 

Junny is proof that working hard in an industry that has captivated him from an early age pays off, leading to writing and producing for many artists. He recently lent background vocals for NCT’s U’s “From home,” NCT Dreams'Deja Vu”, and Kais“Blue” to name a few. His nine-track album Blanc tells a captivating story reflecting on youth and tapping into his personal experiences. The album also saw a range of collaborations including PH-1 on the track “Get Ya."

I speak to Junny amidst his current American tour before making his way to the European/UK shores for the second leg of his tour this March. Another feat for Junny as he’s the first Korean Soloist to embark on a 13-date tour across Europe.

You are currently on your American leg of the tour what's been your most memorable moment so far, and what do you love most about touring?

My favorite part is being able to meet the fans and perform for them. Putting on a good show is my main priority on every tour and I feel like each city, each time I connect with my fans has to be my most memorable moment.

You begin your Europen tour in March, what are you most looking forward to showcasing to your fans on this tour?

My vocal performance, the new additions to my set, and brand new/unreleased songs to perform.

You’ve produced for artists such as Kai, and IU to name a few, who would be your dream artist to produce and write for?

I would love to continue to write for these artists and also would be a dream to write for other international artists as well since I’m a fan of all music from all over the world.

How do you find the songwriting process is there a particular way to go about writing, and how do you deal with writer's block or creative burnout?

My songwriting process differs from each project I tend to go with what feels right to start with at that moment. Going with the vibe of the studio is usually important to me when I have writer's block I usually try and take time off music and completely get into something else like playing sports, watching movies or just hanging out with friends.

2022 saw you release your album ‘Blanc’ which explored many themes including love and relationships, do you find writing from experiences cathartic?

Definitely and I enjoy it so much because it’s a topic where I can become most vulnerable and emotional with the music and lyrics. Writing music with topics that are hypothetical can be fun too but I prefer writing from personal experiences. The only downside is running out of things to write about and that's why I keep myself busy to create more experiences for myself (laughs).


For new fans what songs from your discography do you think they should listen to?

If you love smooth R&B I recommend “By My Side”, if you enjoy Pop music with strong bass hits “Not About You." Something that can brighten your day go for “MOVIE” & if you wanna groove out listen to “AURA”. I can keep going but I'll stop here.

When you turn your music player on shuffle what is the first song that plays?

I’m listening to music in the car a lot these days so I have gotta say a lot of hip-hop, R&B like blxst, VEDO, etc. A bunch of songs from Harry Styles's latest album.

What motivates you to keep working hard and do your best, and what advice do you have for those starting in the industry?

I think it’s about consistency and work ethic, and this applies to any other job honestly. If you wanna do this for the rest of your life you gotta stay positive, and humble. Keep on creating and working on your craft + surround yourself with good people that can support you throughout your career because these people can become your main source of motivation.

What is one of the things you would put on your “bucket” list?

Visiting other countries I haven’t been to for a tour because I know my fans are waiting.

What 2023 goals do you have for this year, what does the new year hold for Junny?

A lot more tours, new projects, and new songs I got something amazing coming out soon with the bro Blase and I hope everyone is excited. Not only that there's going to be more music consistently dropping so 2023 is going to be a busy yet hopefully a fulfilling year for myself and my amazing fans.❤️

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