E'LAST's WonJun Makes Acting Debut in tvN's New Drama "The Heavenly Idol"

Won Jun, a member of the group E’LAST, was confirmed on the cast of tvN’s long-awaited K-drama “The Heavenly Idol”, scheduled to air on February 15. Won Jun plays the role of Typhon, one of the members of the group Evil Boys. ELRINGs (E’LAST’s fandom) may expect great surprises and Won Jun’s charismatic acting.

“The Heavenly Idol” is based on a popular homonymous webtoon and follows Rembrary, a high priest from another world that suddenly enters the body of a K-pop singer of the not-so-popular group Evil Boys.

Through his character, Won Jun will show his charms and a new side to his fans. The idol, who is used to E’LAST’s stages and charismatics and unique performances, will debut on TV and show new talents to the public. E’LAST’s main rapper will play the role of Typhon, the member in charge of the cuteness of the fictional group of the South Korean drama. Typhon is a charismatic idol who steals the scenes on TV shows but also finds himself in the middle of emotional turmoil after Evil Boys suddenly become famous.

Check out the drama teaser.

Won Jun debuted as a member of E’LAST in 2020 and since then has had remarkable stage performances. The eight-member group aims to continue their performances with seven members after vocalist Seung Yeop enlisted and began his mandatory military service in South Korea.

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