Kakao Entertainment to Launch Webtoon Exploring the Multiverse Story of Virtual Girl Group MAVE:

Signed under Metaverse Entertainment, MAVE: made its debut on January 25 and was created as a collaboration between Netmarble F&C's metaverse technology and Kakao Entertainment's music planning, production, and artist management capabilities. The group's debut music video for its first single album, "Pandora's Box," pulled in more than 10 million views on YouTube in just two weeks, while its debut performance on one of Korea's leading music shows achieved rave reviews. K-pop fans have already generated a strong following, posting scores of dance cover videos on social media.

The upcoming webtoon will depict MAVE:'s universe and explore alternative realities. The group's original backstory follows the four members, SIU:, ZENA:, TYRA:, and MARTY:, who crash-land in different countries while traveling back from a future, emotionless world called "Idypia." The webtoon presents an alternate story where the members crash-land in Korea and become the girl group they are today by participating in an idol audition.

The creators at the production studio, "Why Not Me," have gone to great lengths to bring each girl group member and their dynamic performances to life. The story also includes popular fantasy elements, such as giving MAVE: members the ability to see quests as if they were in a video game or enabling them to freeze time. The story promises to be entertaining for the K-pop fan community worldwide, covering the challenges of debuting as an idol, the relationships between the members, and their unique personalities.

The launch of the webtoon is also expected to add momentum to the excitement that's already building among fans for the virtual girl group. The title is expected to launch within the first half of this year on Tapas in North America, Kakao Piccoma in Japan, and Kakao Webtoon in Thailand, Taiwan, and Indonesia. With this, Kakao Entertainment expects to build greater excitement for the K-pop webtoon and web novel genre among its global audience.

Source: Kakao Entertainment Corp.

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