XG Released Music Video for LEFT RIGHT


On February 13, the music video for ‘LEFT RIGHT’, a track taken from XG's third single, was released.

SHOOTING STAR’ and ‘LEFT RIGHT’ both have strong hip hop/R&B vibes, which are the two major essences of XG. The tracks have the common theme of “Trust URSELF & Be what U want to be”.

While ‘SHOOTING STAR’ expresses XG’s desire to grow into world-class artists, ‘LEFT RIGHT’ expresses their determination to set their own direction and move into another dimension.

LEFT RIGHT features repeating synth loops and trap beats with a Hip-Hop/R&B vibe. Making for an addictive song with strong bass, sharp hi-hats, and enticing rap and vocals - making it a more R&B-oriented song. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of the music video.

The theme of the ‘LEFT RIGHT’ music video is traveling through space to unexplored locations. The minimalistic and stylish performance contrasts with the ’70s-’90s costumes and set.

The music video is directed by Jinooya Makes, known for various Kpop music videos such as NCT 127's '2 Baddies' IVE's 'ELEVEN' and more. 

As XG continues to experiment with bold new ideas with their own unique worldview, all eyes are on them to see what they do next.

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Ciera Reeves

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