LUCY Releases Their 3rd EP 'INSERT COIN'



Korean band LUCY (Cho Wosang, Choi Sangyeop, Shin Gwangil, and Shin Yechan) returns with their 3rd EP 'INSERT COIN' consisting of 4 new tracks. This includes their title track 'Unbelievable (안이 근데 진짜)', 'Never in vain,' 'Fill it up,'  and 'Tied up.' 

With a wordplay in its English title, 'Unbelievable' describes the adoration and love towards one person and calls them a bubble because it's so unbelibubble (get it, ha!) that they don't know how precious they are. With lyrics such as "beautiful like a dazzling sunshine" and "if I think of you, I feel like I can do anything," there is no doubt that these words are meant to be dedicated to someone you cherish and hold very close to your heart.

Check out the 'Unbelievable' MV down below: 

'Unbelievable' MV

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