n.SSign to Release Pre-Debut Mini Album "Salty"

n.SSign has revealed the date for their pre-debut official mini album Salty released on 19th February. The mini album will feature four tracks with the main track Moonlight accompanied by a music video released on the same day. The summer of 2022 saw the release Stars Awakening which had two versions of their debut ep “In Summer.” January 2023 saw the group release Special gift (WooWoo) consisting of four tracks. Ballad “Have All except you” and two instrumentals follow in the mini album. 

n.SSign was formed on the survival show Stars awakening, Salty will be the group's official debut. N.SSign combines the word ‘new’ and star sign’ which means constellation the members aim to each form a constellation connecting to their fans. The first batch of concept teaser photos showcases the sparkling magic they aim to provide to fans.

Meet the members below:

Kazuta (Leader and Dancer)

Hyun (Rapper and Vocalist)

Doha (Main Vocalist)

Junhyeok (Main Dancer and Main Vocalist)

Sungyun (Main Vocalist and Main Dancer)

Hanjun (Main Dancer and Vocalist)

Huiwon (Maknae, Vocalist and Dancer)

Salty Tracklist:

n.SSign Official Accounts:

Daum Cafe: @청춘스타 공식 팬카페

Facebook: @엔싸인 – n.SSign

Instagram: @nssign_official

TikTok: @nssign_official

Twitter: @nssign_official

YouTube: @nSSign OFFICIAL

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